Commercial Door Closer Service

Savvy business owners know a pristine storefront determines a successful first impression and return business. Glass Doctor® of Annapolis will make sure your front door delivers the perfect impression. We repair and install door closers to make it easy for customers to access your shop.

How Door Closers Work

A properly installed entrance door should give only a slight resistance as the door is pushed open; resistance provides the customer with a feel for the door's weight. The door should slide open gently and smoothly. When the customer stops opening the door and is clear of the area, a door closer spring forces the opening and closing arm to close the door softly and return it to its frame. Door closer repair professionals should match the weight of the door; heavier doors require stronger door closers.

Door Closer Installation and Maintenance

If the wrong type of door closer is installed, it could cause misalignment and damage the door. Even worse, it could jeopardize the safety of employees and customers. The glass professionals at Glass Doctor of Annapolis have the training and the proper tools to install a new door closer to your existing door properly. Regular inspections and maintenance are equally important. Your glass specialist will inspect the door for:

  • Abnormal or unexpected movements that could harm entering or exiting guests
  • Damage or misalignments
  • Stuck or non-functioning locks
  • Low oil levels

Seals and Arm Mechanisms

Lubrication is important to the spring action of the door opener. If there’s an oil leak, the loss of lubrication may cause the door to open too quickly or close jerkily. Oil leaks are a clue that a piece is broken, missing, or a mechanical problem exists. During the regular maintenance inspection, a Glass Doctor of Annapolis specialists will find the reason for any oil leak; it could be a broken O-ring or something as small as a missing screw. Broken seals create clearance gaps that jeopardize the integrity of the door’s hardware and cause oil leaks.

Door Closer Repair Services

Even if you’re an excellent handyman, repairing the door yourself could void the warranty. Commercial door companies recognize the training and experience Glass Doctor of Annapolis specialists bring to glass repair and replacement solutions. In addition to inspecting the door closer operation at your business, we can identify and repair problems with:

  • Custom glass
  • Doorframes
  • Hardware and hinges
  • Thresholds

Professional Glass Care

Remember, if your business suffers glass damage, call Glass Doctor of Annapolis at (443) 569-3100. We deliver fast and efficient repair anytime, day or night. We’ll clear the site of glass shards and debris, then board-up the area to prevent further damage from weather or vandalism. Contact our specialists today for additional information and to schedule an on-site consultation. We’ll meet with you at a time convenient for you.