Storefront Doors

Make a great first impression with beautiful and functional storefront doors. Cracked glass and a shabby exterior may be more harmful to your business than you realize. Instead of driving away potential clients, you can instill a sense of confidence in your customers the moment they see your building and walk through the door. Glass Doctor® of Ann Arbor, MI will support your business with complete storefront door repair and replacement service. We have the skills, materials and experience to ensure flawless door and glass performance.

Storefront Doors

In addition to helping your business look great and attract customers, storefront doors also provide security and protection. You can choose from a variety of different glass solutions that not only compliment the look of your existing building, but also keep you, your employees and your merchandise safe. Choose from high quality bulletproof and fire-resistant options for an added level of safety. If you are located in an area that experiences extreme weather, consider investing in hurricane-impact safety glass. Also, be sure to ask our experts about tempered safety glass that breaks into small pieces to prevent injuries in the event of an accident. No matter what type of storefront glass you choose, your order can be customized with your store logo, hours of operation and much more.

Security Film

Security film serves a dual purpose for businesses. First, it ensures that any broken glass falls in large chunks, making clean up safer and easier. Second, it helps to deter criminals and prevent after hours break-ins. Security film keeps you safe while allowing natural sunlight to illuminate your store.

24-Hour Emergency Services

When you need storefront door repair services, you don't want to have to wait. At Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI, we understand a broken window is more than just an inconvenience. With our 24/7 emergency repair services, you don't have to feel vulnerable until a shop opens. If a break happens, our glass specialists are a phone call away. They will arrive on the scene, any time of day or night, remove the broken glass, board up the window and schedule a convenient time to come back and complete the repair. Your store can be secured in no time at all.

Partner with Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI for all your storefront door repair and replacement needs. Whether you need to update an old door or you want to upgrade to better quality glass that will protect your business, we have a glass solution to fit your building. Call today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation. You may be surprised at the difference a new and affordable storefront door makes.