Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Glass Doctor® of Ann Arbor MI offers a variety of custom glass decor solutions for your home. We customize glass tabletops to beautify, protect and preserve your fine wood, antiques and other decorative surfaces. We create glass shelves that present a stylish system for organization and storage. As always, we use only the finest products and materials and perform the work professionally.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Our glass specialists begin your creative process with a home consultation. We listen to your ideas, present solutions and review any safety concerns about heavy glass in your home. We guide you through the selection of glass thickness, shape, edge treatment and other customization preferences. We measure your surfaces then create custom glass tabletops that fit your style.

We customize glass tabletops for surfaces throughout your home:

Graphic of different glass edges
  • Dining room tables and buffets
  • Living room coffee and side tables
  • Office desks and conference tables
  • Bedroom night stands and accent tables
  • Antique furniture

Safety and Security Options

When your furniture requires enhanced protection, we offer several options. Tinted glass blocks the harmful UV rays that cause fading and damage. Tempered and laminated glass are safer alternatives for outdoor furniture where injuries due to glass breakage are a concern. Lamination adheres to broken glass, keeping it in place. Tempered glass resists breakage. In the event of a severe impact, it breaks into chunks instead of more harmful shards.

Custom Shelving

Custom glass shelves are a dramatic way to organize and show off your favorite figurines, statuary and fine collectibles. Our customization process lets you design shelves that meet display and storage needs for any space in your home.

We create your shelving systems with the shelf dimensions, height and spacing that best serve your storage needs. You select glass size, shape and thickness and choose from 14 edge treatments. You decide on clear glass or color tinting that coordinates with your surrounding decor. The options you choose allow us to create unique shelves that reflect your sense of style.

Schedule a Consultation

Our glass specialists make it easy to create custom glass tabletops and shelving because we bring the design and creation process to you. Visit our appointment page to schedule a free in-home consultation or call us at 734-799-0079 for more information.