Door Closer Repair Service

When customers enter your business, they want to feel welcome even if you're not there to greet them. Your entryway must make a first class first impression on your behalf. Your door must be attractive and well-maintained. It must open smoothly with little effort and glide gently closed. If your door requires unnecessary force or customers enter your business cautiously for fear of being injured, Glass Doctor® of Ann Arbor, MI, restores your door to proper functioning with our professional door closer repair and maintenance.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer is a simple device that allows your doors to open and close smoothly. When closers are properly installed and maintained, customers open heavy doors with minimal effort. As they push your door, they feel its weight as a slight resistance. A closer spring enables the door to ease back into its original position.

Door Closer Repair

Our team is familiar with various door closer problems. We use our expertise to resolve common issues, so business owners operate their establishment with worrying about door closer repair. If you note any of these common issues call on our team for assistance.

Incorrect door closers: A door closer must have the durability and spring strength to support a door's weight and handle the workload of day to day use. Some door opening and closing issues occur when a heavy door is improperly fitted with a lightweight closer. This causes door misalignment, door and frame damage, and safety issues.

Improperly installed or adjusted door closers: Improper door closer installations and adjustments cause door and door frame damage, rough closing and opening movements, hesitation, and door jamb misalignment. Our specialists understand how to prevent these issues because they undergo rigorous professional training and use specialized tools to properly maintain and repair your door closers.

Worn seals and lubricant leaks: Internal door closer components deteriorate due to wear and tear. Aging seals and o-rings dry out, crack and cause gaps. Screws loosen and lubricants leak, causing additional concerns. Regular door closer inspection and maintenance allows us to discover and resolve these minor issues before they cause big problems.

Locking difficulties: A sturdy lock keeps intruders out and minimizes your safety and security risks. When your lock doesn't operate properly and you must force it to engage, your actions gradually damage your door, doorjamb, and door closer. At the end of your business day, locking difficulties leave you uncertain as to your premises' safety and security. We resolve your locking difficulties with regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Door Closer Maintenance Service

Our superior door closer repair and maintenance is part of our comprehensive program of commercial products and business services. We install, maintain, and repair entryway doors, window-panes, hinges, and locks. We upgrade your entire storefront or install specialty glass into your existing windows and doors. We maintain your warranty by completing every job professionally and using only high-quality parts.

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The professionals at Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI are ready to discuss door closer repair or any of our wide range of commercial products, services, or proactive commercial repair plans. To schedule your consultation, visit our Appointment Page or contact us at (734) 213-2285 for more information.