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Clear Choice Protectant


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From bathrooms to kitchens to the patio, Clear Choice™ glass treatment is the right choice for every solid surface in your home. Don't spend hours scrubbing hard water stains from your surfaces or struggling with spotty glass mere minutes after you clean it. Let the experts at Glass Doctor® of Anchorage keep your surfaces looking great while saving you time and hassle.

Glass Treatment for Every Room

Hard water stains and soap scum will ruin the beauty of your glass, tile, porcelain and natural stone surfaces in your bathroom. With one application of Clear Choice protectant, your shower, toilet and sink will sparkle, even after daily use. In the kitchen, it is difficult to battle the daily wear-and-tear on your surfaces. Clear Choice protectant will not only erase small scratches and dull areas, but it will also protect against new damage. In fact, a single application provides the ultimate solid-surface protection for up to five years!

Outdoor Protection

Glass patio furniture is the perfect addition to any deck or outdoor entertainment area. On the other hand, rain and environmental pollutants will have you scrubbing your set every day. Stop cleaning daily and try Clear Choice protectant on your outdoor glass surfaces. It protects against weathering, mineral deposits and daily grime so you are able to relax and enjoy your furniture instead of spending so much time cleaning it. Clear Choice is environmentally friendly so it is safe to use near gardens, plants and pets.

Free Consultation

Every glass treatment project at Glass Doctor of Anchorage starts with a free, no-obligation consultation from a glass care expert. We will travel to your home and inspect all your surfaces to make sure you get the most from your Clear Choice application. You will receive an accurate quote for materials and application so you know exactly what you are getting upfront. To learn more about glass treatment options from Glass Doctor of Anchorage, or to get your project started, call or schedule an appointment online today!