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Auto Glass Care


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Seemingly minor imperfections such as cracked windshields, broken taillights or splintered mirrors pose a greater safety risk than you might think. As soon as you notice an impact in your auto glass, get in touch with Glass Doctor® of Anchorage. Our experienced glass specialists always follow the industry's highest standards for best practices to deliver superb auto glass care.

Windshield Repairs

A windshield does more than shield you from debris and the elements. As part of a vehicle's safety restraint system, one of its main jobs is to keep passengers inside the vehicle in the event of a collision. A strong windshield also ensures proper airbag deployment. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council™, windshield glass accounts for up 45% of a vehicle cabin's structural integrity in a front-end collision, and up to 60% of its total structural integrity in rollover accidents. A crack in a windshield is enough to compromise its effectiveness and passenger safety.

When you see a chip or crack in your windshield, call Glass Doctor of Anchorage for your auto glass care needs. Glass specialists always repair windshields, restoring their full clarity, when it's an effective and safe option. If your auto insurance covers windshield repairs, we'll gladly handle the paperwork for you.

Windshield Replacements

When a glass specialist evaluates windshield damage, he looks at the following to determine if a repair or replacement is the best solution: auto glass type and the impact's age, location and size. Most modern automobiles have windshields made of tempered glass, as it crumbles into smaller, safer pieces instead of dangerous shards. Because tempered glass is designed to crumble and repairs do not restore its strength, Glass Doctor of Anchorage always replaces windshields made with this type of glass.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee

When you receive a new windshield from Glass Doctor of Anchorage, the auto glass care includes the G12® Road Hazard guarantee. If the new windshield receives damage from normal road hazards in the 12 months following its installation, we will repair or replace the glass.

Upgrade your glass coverage with the G12 Future Installation Option. The plan covers the cost of labor and materials, and you'll receive the Clear Choice™ glass treatment and new wiper blades.

Comprehensive Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor of Anchorage's auto glass care goes beyond windshield repairs and replacements. Our specialists repair, replace and restore other types of glass on most vehicles, including:

  • Rear windshields
  • Sunroof
  • Passenger windows
  • Mirrors
  • Head and taillight covers

The convenient auto glass care at Glass Doctor of Anchorage will improve your driving experience. Schedule an appointment today and let us fix your panes!