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Double Pane Windows


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Your home experiences dramatic temperature changes throughout the year. Over time, these changes take their toll on your home's windows, damaging their seal, decreasing the quality of their insulation and even creating an unsightly milky or foggy appearance between panes of glass.

Windows are the number one cause of temperature exchange with a building's outside. It's vital to keep climate-controlled air inside a house, which is why Glass Doctor® of Anchorage provides insulated glass units (IGUs) to homeowners. An IGU such as a double pane window will balance and regulate your home's climate by reducing the temperature transmission between your home and outside.

Benefits of a Double Pane Window

double pane window

In winter, an IGU, such as a double pane window, reduces heat transmittance through your windows, so warm air stays inside your home. In summer, IGUs reduce the amount of heat gained from outside. This means that your home's HVAC system won't have to work as hard, which will save you money and energy.

An IGU consists of at least two panes of glass and an insulating spacer that rests between the panes and seals the window. Depending on the window's design, a spacer may be filled with a moisture-absorbing material, called a desiccant, or made from non-conductive spacers.

To keep moisture from gathering between the panes of glass, our glass specialists use a high-grade sealant around the edge of the entire IGU. Some models of IGUs even contain gas, like argon, in the airspace between the panes to bolster insulation.

Double Pane Window Replacement

We train our glass specialists in IGU replacement. When you see evidence of seal damage in your unit, be aware that you won't necessarily need to replace the whole window, and often it's a far simpler and less expensive process than homeowners think.

Double pane windows are an excellent way to slash your home's energy bills. Contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation, to learn more about IGUs and see how these highly advanced windows will make your home a more comfortable place.

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