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Custom Glass Solutions


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Customizing your home with glass decor is easy with the help of Glass Doctor® of Anchorage. Our specialists work on a wide variety of projects, including custom tabletops, mirrors, shelves and doors. We will protect your home's interior with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. If you're looking to improve your home or create custom glass decor, a call to our team is all it takes to get the process started.

Custom Glass Decor for Every Style

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Achieve your ideal furniture vision with custom glass for your table, built-ins or other existing furniture. Our specialists customize each pane to meet your needs. Consider various shapes, sizes and edgework details.

Glass Doctor of Anchorage is experienced in measuring, cutting and installing glass for new furniture, or retrofitting your existing pieces. Glass is the perfect material to open up your space and display your treasured possessions at every angle.

Custom Mirrors

A custom glass mirror is an excellent solution for adding light, space and a decorative focal point to any room. Used in a variety of rooms, a custom mirror allows you to get exactly what you want. Have our experts finish your walk-in closet with mirrored wall or add flair above your mantel with a custom framed mirror.

Patio and French Doors

Whether you're dealing with a faulty door or looking to install a new one, our glass specialists will restore, replace and customize patio and French doors. When installing matching side windows, select from a variety of pane types. We offer double-pane glass with sliding blinds, decorative glass, all-weather glass and energy-efficient options.

Glass Doctor of Anchorage utilizes its extensive network of vendors to make sure you get more choices that arrive in a timely fashion.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E windows provide protection from glare, UV rays and large temperature fluctuations. Low-E panes feature a thin metallic coatings that reduce light transmission by 10%, so the bad rays are prevented from entering while natural light floods the space. Investing in Low-E has numerous benefits, including:

  • Prevents damage and fading caused by sunlight
  • Controls the climate in your home
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Increases the value of your home

Glass Doctor of Anchorage specialists will create custom pieces for your home. Contact our team to personalize your home with beautiful and functional glass solutions today.