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Custom Mirrors

If you are looking to brighten up your rooms and add a little style to your space with custom decor, Glass Doctor® of Amarillo creates custom mirrors that will make the perfect statement. Our specialists have the training and experience to create stunning pieces that suit every taste and any budget.

Add Custom Mirrors to Every Space

Brighten Your Spaces

If you have rooms that feel too stuffy or hallways that do not get much natural light, custom mirrors will spread both natural and artificial light around the room to illuminate dark corners. Your spaces will be instantly transformed from closed and uninviting to warm and bright.

Consider placing floor-to-ceiling mirrors at the end of a long, dark hallway or placing framed mirrors opposite a window in a small room. Or, try decorative mirrors placed near lamps and other lighting elements to magnify the brightness.

Dress to Impress

Of course, mirrors provide functional value as well. Place a full-length mirror on a bedroom or closet door to make sure you look fabulous from head to toe. Or, add a framed mirror next to your front door to make any last minute adjustments before heading out for the day. We will also replace that bulky, outdated medicine cabinet in your bathroom with a sleek, framed mirror for a minimalist, modern appearance. 

Artistic Appeal

Mirrors are used throughout homes to accentuate custom decor schemes. If you have a complex and beautiful art piece that you don't want the rest of your decor to compete with, hanging mirrors will add to the artistic appeal without taking away from your centerpiece. Try adding interest to your photo gallery with mirrored frames or use small, framed mirrors to break up the photo collection and create visual diversity. Try showcasing your favorite pieces with custom mirrored shelving that provides a unique view of your keepsakes and treasures.

Creating Depth

If your small, square rooms are starting to feel a bit boxy, create depth and the illusion of space with framed and hanging mirrors. Instead of seeing a wall, a mirror will create a limitless view that will trick the brain into feeling like the room is larger, more spacious and comfortable.

Try adding depth to your kitchen with a mirrored backsplash, or add a statement mirror above your fireplace or headboard to expand your view. Achieve a truly dramatic look with a mirrored wall or add interest to the spam space using a checkerboard pattern.

Free In-Home Consultation

Let the custom decor experts at Glass Doctor® of Amarillo help you transform your home with modern, sophisticated hanging mirrors and mirrored shelving. A specialist will visit your home and provide a free, no obligation consultation so you can visualize your custom decor from your home, not a showroom. That will also give them the opportunity to take careful measurements to make sure your pieces fit perfectly.

To learn more about using mirrors to dress up your decor, call or schedule an appointment online today!

For expert assistance in creating a much more engaging indoor environment with exciting glass decor, contact Glass Doctor® over the phone or simply fill out a service request online. Our specialists will arrive to perform a free consultation, conduct measurements and offer helpful advice every step of the way.