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Auto Glass Care

Don't worry if a crack or chip in your auto glass is impairing your ability to drive. Glass Doctor® of Amarillo will repair or replace any damaged auto glass. This includes everything from high-tech windshields to rearview mirrors.

Car Glass Repair

Our glass specialists will repair most car glass chips and small cracks within an hour. This is a simple and straightforward process. We begin every repair by cleaning the area in and around the crack or chip. Then, we apply a specialized resin to the crack or chip to fill and seal the damage. After the resin has cured, the process is complete and you are free to drive your vehicle.

Car Glass Replacement

In the following cases, a car glass repair is not possible:

The damage is in your line of sight

Even after auto glass is repaired, there will be some visual distortion. If the distortion is in your field of vision, then a repair may distract the driver.

The damage interferes with equipment in your auto glass

If auto glass damage interferes too greatly with the technology within your auto glass, then a replacement may be necessary.

The damage is simply beyond repair

Large chips, long cracks and holes require a full glass replacement.

If a repair is impossible, then we will fully replace your auto glass. We always use replacement glass that meets or exceeds your original equipment manufacturer's standards. This includes tempered glass, which shatters into tiny pieces upon impact to reduce the amount of danger broken glass causes. Glass Doctor of Amarillo works with most insurance carriers to streamline the entire process for you.

Windshield Care

Your windshield's contribution towards your vehicle's safety goes well beyond how clearly it allows you to see while driving. It is also an invaluable part of your car's structure and durability during a collision.

Insurers know how much your windshield affects your car's safety; that is why most policies cover car glass repair. We will handle all of the paperwork and communications with your insurer, so all you need to do is stop by and entrust our team with your repair.

We have a full understanding of the types of technology that a windshield can include. Whether you have a sensor array, a heads-up display or other types of technologies embedded into your windshield, we will restore it if the windshield repair affects the performance of the technology.

Car Glass Protection

Every windshield replacement comes with our Windshield Protection Plan. With this, you get unlimited repairs and one glass replacement service for any damage to you windshield caused by typical road hazards. This protection lasts for a full year, however, a replacement claim voids any remaining guarantee time.

Other Guarantee Packages

For an additional cost, you can take advantage of the Future Plan. With this, the cost of labor is also included for any windshield replacements. For the greatest windshield care, consider the Value Package, which includes new windshield wipers and a glass treatment. Our Clear Choice™ auto glass protectant shields your auto glass from scratches, stains and water damage; it also prevents rain and snow from sticking to your windshield, so that you can see more clearly during inclement weather.

Auto Glass Experts in Amarillo

Don't allow a broken glass on your car to ruin your day. Deal with the damage by calling Glass Doctor of Amarillo. Our team works on a variety of makes and models and will have a budget friendly solution for you. Make an appointment online or call now!