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Home Window Repair


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Damaged glass doesn't need to ruin your day; Glass Doctor® of Amarillo will help you put problematic panes behind you. Your time is important, so we will arrange for damage assessment and subsequent repair or replacement to accommodate your schedule. We pride ourselves on a reputation for integrity and quality; we’ll tell you out-of-pocket costs before we begin. There won’t be any surprises when the work is complete because we stand by our quotes.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Glass Doctor of Amarillo knows that emergencies can occur any time, so we are available from dusk to dawn. The safety of your family and household pets are our glass specialists’ first priority. We will immediately attempt to repair the pane. If a unique component is required, our specialist will board up the site to keep out weather and vandals. Then we’ll sweep the area, removing any glass shards and debris underfoot and around the damage site. When your property is secure, we’ll schedule a convenient time to return to complete your window repair or replacement.

Double Pane Window Repair

Because energy efficiency is eco-friendly and cost-effective, Glass Doctor of Amarillo encourages you to upgrade to double pane windows. Any double pane windows displaying a milky appearance or moisture buildup should be checked for seal failure. Our experts will check every window in your home to deliver an accurate picture of the issue. When your window seal integrity is compromised, external air leaks into your home and compromises the benefits of your current air comfort. Usually, we can repair just the pane to fix the entire window.

Specialty Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Amarillo customizes glass and mirrors for your tables, doors and shelving units. Be sure to ask us about designs that will match or enhance your interior decor.

Window Replacement

Homeowners hoping to replace entire windows can trust our specialists to select the right window for their needs. Choose from a variety of insulated glass units (IGUs), including double or triple pane windows.


Glass enhancements have given windows numerous advantages that result in lower energy bills and greater comfort. Installing newer glass options, such as IGUs and Low-E windows, delivers these advantages to every homeowner. IGUs and Low-E windows are known for their ability to increase energy efficiency and control noise pollution. Our experts will replace worn or broken windows with new, advanced windows that will increase home values and comfort.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Glass Protectant can be applied to glass windows and doors, countertops and other surfaces that are at risk for weather erosion, mineral deposits or dirt and grime buildup. Shower and bath enclosures will stay cleaner longer and prove easier to clean with our Clear Choice™ water- and oil-repellant formula.


In addition to protecting your interior from the sun’s damaging rays, window tint films are an unexpected deterrent to would-be vandals. This tinted film strengthens your windows and forms a barrier that holds broken glass pieces together but never compromises clear visuals from inside your home or office. Decorative glass tints can turn your bathroom’s shower enclosure into a beautiful focal point, because we offer a variety of patterns, colors and textures.

Window Component Repair

No window repair is impossible. Even if your glass mounting is old or complicated by broken latches or locks, Glass Doctor of Amarillo will have repair options for you. We’ll always look for the most cost-effective solution that doesn’t jeopardize safety.

Gain the Advantage

The Advantage Plan® from Glass Doctor offers members-only service and savings, including:

  • Priority scheduling,
  • Discounts and savings on services and future repairs,
  • A free home inspection and
  • A breakage guarantee for the length of your membership.

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