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Advance Measurement System

Proactive commercial glass repair is a crucial component for any business. Glass Doctor® of Amarillo prepares your business for glass repair with our Advance Measurement system, a proactive commercial care program. Every minute your business is closed because of a glass emergency costs your company money, count on our team to quickly restore your establishment.

Prepare for Glass Damage

The Advanced Measurement system is a proactive commercial glass repair program created to prepare your business for glass damage. Our team of experts will come to your site and create a detailed diagram of every piece of glass. We measure the size and thickness of each pane, taking special note of safety and security concerns. We mark the diagram with the information gathered from your site. When a glass emergency occurs, reach out to Glass Doctor of Amarillo for immediate assistance. Our team will refer to the correct number on the diagram, and we'll arrive with the appropriate materials to fix your pane.

Reduce Board Ups

Giving our team the information from your diagram will allow us to bring the correct panes and materials to service your site in one visit. A single visit will save your business a tremendous amount of time and money. Our one visit approach to glass repair and replacement also limits the frequency of board ups for your site.

Keep Glass In-Stock

Even if you need special panes, we offer businesses the opportunity to pre-order panes. Keeping the glass at our shop will expedite emergency glass repairs.

Program Benefits

Clients in our Advanced Measurement system experience a variety of benefits associated with the program, including:

  • Reduced costs: Save money when the work is completed in a single trip, and participate in bulk buying to reduce replacement costs.
  • Fewer interruptions: Renew normal business operations in a fraction of the time.
  • Safety and security: Protect customers and employees from glass shards and restore site security with a new piece of glass.
  • Speed: Receive priority service on commercial glass calls and see simplified billing through the pre-approved credit process.

If you use proactive commercial glass repair procedures before a disaster strikes, you reduce your company's downtime and return to normal operations much faster than if you always react to a disaster. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Amarillo to learn more about our commercial glass services.