Custom Glass Solutions

Nothing stimulates the senses and creates an inviting atmosphere in your home like your high-quality interior glass. Interior glass surfaces project an aura of peaceful tranquility and fill your living space with understated elegance.

Glass Doctor® of Adrian, MI, offers custom glass solutions and window repair services that maintain the beauty and functionality of your home’s glass surfaces. Our experts know glass. They are able to create customized solutions designed to enhance and protect your home furnishings, making it easy for you to infuse your surroundings with a look that complements your taste and style.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Our specialists perform in-home consultations for your convenience. Whether you are interested in a custom-built glass tabletop or envision an intricate shelf design design, our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to make your dream a reality. Choose from:

  • Customized shapes and sizes for tabletops or glass overlays inside your home or for patio furnishings
  • Built-in, or custom-designed glass shelving that enriches your home’s interior
  • Tempered and laminated glass options for additional safety
  • Customized edgework detail, glass thicknesses and coatings that allow you to create unique, one-of-a kind room embellishments

Custom Mirrors

Enhance your home with custom-made mirrors. Our specialists will show you the best spots to add mirrors to increase interior lighting and enlarge a space. Mirrors are a great option for shelves, especially pieces you want to give a full view of such as vases and sculptures. We also understand the need for mirrors as a functional piece. We happily install floor to ceiling mirrors in bedrooms or on closet doors.

Patio and French Doors

Our glass experts are able to fashion and install a wide selection of patio and French doors glass in your existing portals. Renovate existing entryways with custom glass solutions designed to meet any budget or style.

New custom door glass revitalizes the look of your home, plus we offer replacement services for broken or damaged door glass. You can choose to match your existing designs or use the opportunity to create a new appearance. Other possibilities include:

  • Double pane glass with embedded blinds
  • All weather custom glass solutions that conform or exceed Adrian, MI, regulations and standards
  • Impact resistant glass options for superior safety
  • Decorative and textured glass panes

Up-front pricing and comprehensive contracts provide you with a worry-free experience. Our experts will never present you with a surprise expense.

Low-E Glass Windows

In addition to custom interior glass services, we offer trusted window repair and remodeling services that protect your home from the destructive effects of ultra-violet light.

When passing through glass surfaces, sunlight is converted to heat energy. However, we offer low-emissivity (Low-E) solutions that block heat and UV light without diminishing the clarity of your windows. Essentially, Low-E panes are created by applying several, thin layers of metallic particles to the glass surface. The layers block long wavelengths, UV rays, while allowing the short wavelengths, visible light, full admission. You get gorgeous windows and a crystal clear view, while lowering your energy costs. Plus, hindering UV light prevents fading, which will lengthen the life of your interior fabrics and furnishings.

Call Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI to schedule your in-home consultation. Our experts are ready to meet and discuss your custom glass solutions, today.