Double Pane Windows

The climate outside your home can be tough on your windows. Temperature extremes and sudden changes in the weather can cause windows to become damaged and detract from their efficiency. If a window's seal is not working properly, it will allow air to enter and exit the home. This makes climate control difficult and causes the home's HVAC system to consume more energy.

For homeowners looking to maximize their home's efficiency, Glass Doctor® of Adrian, MI, offers insulated glass units (IGU) that help keep a home's indoor climate under control. While double pane windows can increase energy efficiency, they can begin to malfunction if their seal is no longer effective. When the seal on a double pane window becomes broken, condensation will begin to appear beneath the window panes. Homeowners with double pane windows should look out for this condensation and call in for double pane window repair to restore proper functioning and efficiency to their windows.

Advantages of Insulated Window Glass

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When window glass is insulated, it minimizes the effect the outdoor temperature has on the indoor climate of a home. This makes it easier to keep a home's interior comfortable even during periods of extreme weather. During colder periods of the year, an IGU reduces heat transmittance in windows and keeps the interior temperature of the home constant. When it's hot outside, an IGU will keep indoor temperatures from getting uncomfortably high so the home's air conditioner doesn't have to work too hard and consume excessive amounts of energy.

Insulated glass units are made up of multiple panes of glass. The two pieces of glass create a layer of air that insulates the home. Between the two panes, window manufacturers sometimes add gas. The panes and space are held in place and sealed with spacer, usually made of desiccant or a material that absorbs moisture. This helps to minimize the transference of heat and cold across the window. Another feature of an IGU is the tight seal around the perimeter of the window. This seal helps to prevent condensation that can detract from the unit's efficiency.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Specialists will always make decisions ensuring both the efficiency of the window and the cost-effectiveness of the work. With the help of a specialist from Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI, you'll be able to have your double pane window in perfect condition again for a reasonable cost.

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