Advance Measurement System

Your windows, doors and other commercial glass installations play a big role in protecting your property and inviting new customers inside. At Glass Doctor® of Adrian, MI, we know how much glass matters to local business owners. With our exclusive Advance Measurement system, we make it easier to be proactive about your commercial glass care and plan for unexpected damage. When glass breaks, you need a fast solution to restore your seal and curb appeal. Advance Measurement makes it easier to get back to business right away. Enrolling speeds up the repair process, we're always ready for your call.

Keep Track of Your Commercial Glass

When you invest in our Advance Measurement recovery plan, a glass specialist from Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI, will come to your business to take measurements and make a detailed diagram. This diagram will include the layout of your entire property, along with the exact dimensions, locations and special features of all your glass installations.

Speed Up Emergency Glass Repairs

If any of your glass breaks after we take measurements, simply give us a call. Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI, is available 24 hours a day for emergency glass repairs, but this process will be faster if we already have a diagram to reference. As soon as you report your broken glass, we will use the Advance Measurement system to cross-reference your information and find the pane or repair materials we need.

Keep Your Replacement Glass In Stock

Make the most of your proactive glass care plan with our In-Stock Replacement program. To skip the board-up we must complete emergency repairs in a single appointment, ask us to pre-order the glass you might need. At Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI, we will carry exact replacements of some or all of your glass installations. As soon as you call, we will retrieve the pane you need and visit your business for an emergency replacement.

Save Time & Money

Your glass measurements aren't the only information we collect ahead of time. As a participant in our Advance Measurement system, you will also establish your credit and contact information within our system. If damage does happen, we will already know where to go and how to bill you. This reduces the likelihood of delays, conflicts or miscommunication as we work to achieve a quick solution. Call (517) 565-4061 to learn more about our proactive glass care plan.