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Custom Sliding Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

Add custom sliding glass shower doors to your next bathroom makeover. This simple upgrade adds both functionality and a chic, modern look to almost any home. 

Custom sliding shower doors come in many shapes and sizes. Thanks to the experts at Glass Doctor®, your dream shower space is closer than you think. 

Custom Glass for Your Shower Door Remodeling Project

Often overlooked, a home improvement project in the bathroom can pack a big punch. Upgrading the bathroom not only adds resale value, it also increases the functionality of a high-traffic area of the home. Sliding glass adds a touch of class. 

Custom sliding glass shower doors installed by Glass Doctor alter the entire room's appearance and protect floors from water damage. 

Wide Spaces for Your Glass Doctor Shower Doors

Glass features, such as mirrors or custom sliding glass shower doors, play tricks on the eyes and provide the illusion of increased space. Though just an illusion, glass doors seemingly add square footage to even the smallest of bathrooms. Shower curtains provide a slice of personality but block large areas from view, making the entire room appear smaller. Clear glass doors create an open look. 

Glass Doctor will design custom sliding glass shower doors for your home. These doors anchor the room and work along with mirrors to add brightness and openness. 

Thoroughly Modern 

Traditional doors have aluminum frames. Though still desirable, there are more modern options. Today's sliding glass shower doors are frameless and bring a sleek, contemporary look to a cramped bathroom. This cosmetic upgrade increases the value of your home, making glass shower doors a wise investment.

Glass Doctor will create custom glass shower doors of all types. From sliding doors with frames to modern, frameless glass, Glass Doctor has a solution for any bathroom project.

More Than a Clean Look 

Glass shower doors are easier to keep clean than cloth or plastic shower curtains. Just wipe weekly with glass cleaner, and glass doors look like the day they were installed. Glass is also resistant to mildew and mold. Custom sliding glass shower doors ensure bathrooms smell fresh and are a healthy environment.  

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