Door Closer Repair Service

Your door is the first point of contact for most of your customers. You want it to be beautiful and functional. Glass Doctor® of Winchester specialists are experts in providing door closer care to keep your business running smoothly.

How Door Closers Work

Commercial doors are often heavier than normal doors for security and aesthetic reasons. Manual door closers create a mechanical assist for customers, making it easy to open and preventing heavy banging when the door closes. Initially, the door closer arm provides slight resistance, then swings open freely for easy entry. Once your guests let go, a spring in the door closer lets the mechanism's arm draw the door slowly back into the door frame. Glass Doctor of Winchester offers a full range of door closer care.

Door Closer Installation

The first step in making your doors more inviting may be to install manual door closers if you do not already have them. Our specialists will help you select the correct type of closer. For lighter doors, lighter springs and mechanisms work well, but for heavier doors, it is critical to the safety of your customers and the integrity of your door that you have a strong door closer with a heavy spring.

We also ensure that the installation is performed correctly with good alignment and tension adjustment. Our team will get you started right to ensure against possible problems like:

  • Doorframe damage
  • Improper door movement
  • Misalignment

Last, our team will verify that the door closer does not interfere with the locking system on your door so you know you're business will be safe.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance

Once you have door closers, it's important to keep them in good working order. Over time, parts wear out and the tension needs adjusting. Glass Doctor of Winchester offers a full array of repair and maintenance services, including a service program to meet your business needs. Our teams are trained to preserve the integrity of the warranty on your mechanism. Two critical areas for door closer care are lubrication and springs.

  • Seals and oil levels: Maintaining proper oil levels in your mechanism is critical to smooth functioning and the longevity of the door closer. Broken seals create openings that leave the hardware exposed and could cause oil leaks. Other mechanical problems like broken O-rings or missing screws can also create oil leaks. Our specialists will replace any faulty parts and make sure your oil is replaced.
  • Springs: Over time, your springs will start to change tension. Periodic adjustment will extend the life of your mechanism and assure smooth operation.

Contact Glass Doctor of Winchester today to create a door closer care plan to keep your business running smoothly.