Double Pane Window Services for Wheat Ridge

The weather in Wheat Ridge may subject your home to a variety of unsavory conditions. Windows are operating in this extreme weather experience a great deal of structural stress. The pressure of temperature change can cause window problems such as:

These problems may cause reduced effectiveness for your home's heating and cooling system, creating a significantly higher energy bill and less effective indoor climate management. Signs your home's windows are causing these problems include:

  • Drafts
  • A milky appearance
  • Condensation buildup beneath the window panes
  • An inability to keep certain areas in your home comfortable

Glass Doctor® of Wheat Ridge installs insulated glass units (IGUs) to correct your energy inefficiency.

Upgrade Windows Without Replacing Frames

You don't always have to replace a whole window to improve its performance. We specialize in glass replacement for windows. Our professional glass experts can install insulated glass replacements into your existing windows, minimizing your costs.

Benefits of Insulated Glass Units

double pane window

Multi-pane design for maximum protection

Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge will install IGU, commonly known as double or triple-pane windows. The multiple panes of glass and space between panes provide insulation, as well as protection from unsavory noises, or temperature fluxuation.

Completely sealed window units

An insulating spacer separates and seals the area between the panes. The border of all insulated windows is sealed with a high-grade sealant, which prevents drafts and condensation buildup. This keeps the indoors at a more consistent indoor temperature- which could bring down your energy bill.

Gas insulation

We can fill the space between panes with invisible gas, such as argon or krypton, to increase insulation. This insulation will help to have the windows last longer.

Contact Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge to schedule an on-site window evaluation and explore our insulated glass solutions.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.