Professional Double Pane Window Services in Wheat Ridge

The weather in Wheat Ridge may subject your home to various unsavory conditions. Windows operating in this extreme weather experience a great deal of structural stress. The pressure of temperature change can cause window problems such as:

a male Glass Doctor service professional standing with a man and woman inside of home beside a foggy window These problems can cause your home's heating and cooling system to work less efficiently. As a result, you may experience higher energy costs and have less control over the indoor temperature. Signs your home's windows are causing these problems include:

  • Drafts
  • A milky appearance
  • Condensation buildup beneath the window panes
  • An inability to keep certain areas in your home comfortable

About Double Pane Windows

Glass Doctor® of Wheat Ridge installs double pane windows, also known as insulated glass units, that can assist with keeping your home climate controlled. Double pane windows are made from two sheets of glass, separated by a spacer, and sealed together. This creates an insulating air or gas space between the two panes, which provides various benefits over single pane windows. These benefits include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Noise Reduction
  • Increased Home Value
  • Enhanced Security
  • Reduction in Cooling and Heating Bills
  • Completely sealed window units

An insulating spacer separates and seals the area between the panes. The border of all insulated windows is sealed with a high-grade sealant, which prevents drafts and condensation buildup. This keeps the indoors at a more consistent indoor temperature, which could reduce your energy bill.

Gas insulation

To increase insulation, we can fill the space between panes with invisible gas, such as argon or krypton. This insulation will help to have the windows last longer.

Upgrade Windows Without Replacing Frames

You don't always have to replace a whole window to improve its performance. We specialize in glass replacement for windows. Our professional experts can install insulated glass replacements into your existing windows, minimizing costs.

Our Double Pane Windows Services

The Installation Process

If you contact our team about double pane window installation, we will schedule an appointment and send one of our expert service professionals to your home. Your service professional will utilize the following installation process:

  1. The old window will be removed in its entirety.
  2. The space will be prepared for the new window. This includes tasks like:
    • Cleaning the opening
    • repair or replace any damaged lumber
    • Ensure the opening is level and square
  3. A new window will be installed.
  4. Spray or traditional insulation will be added to any gap surrounding the window frame.
  5. Any siding, trim or casing will be replaced.

Once the process is complete, they will ensure the window is secure before leaving. If your window needs to be repaired or replaced in the future, we also offer to provide those services.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows may need repair services if the seals begin to fail. When seals fail, you may notice a change in your home's climate, leaks, or foggy window glass. A damaged seal also causes your window to decrease in efficiency, so it's vital to get it repaired as soon as possible. At Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge, we can improve your double pane window without replacing the entire unit.

Double Pane Window Replacement

If our service professional cannot repair your windows, they must perform a double pane window replacement. The double pane window replacement process involves:

  1. Removing the molding around the windows.
  2. Remove the rubber glazing around the edges.
  3. Cut the sealant that holds the window in the frame.
  4. Use a suction cup grip to lift the old window from the frame.
  5. Apply silicone sealant into the channel where the replacement glass panel will go.
  6. Insert the replacement glass using a suction cup grip. Apply the new sealant to hold the replacement glass in place.

Why Choose Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge for Double Pane Windows?

At Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge, we have a team of expert service professionals with the skills to install, repair, and replace double pane windows. We understand that double pane glass can be complex, but we utilize best practices to do the job correctly. Contact Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge to schedule an on-site window evaluation and explore our insulated glass solutions.

FAQs about Double Pane Window

Why should I choose double pane windows over single pane windows?

Double pane windows provide more benefits than single pane windows. These benefits include energy efficiency, noise reduction, enhanced security, and a reduction in energy bills.

How do I know if my double pane windows need to be repaired?

Some signs that your double pane window may be damaged include increased condensation, visible cracks in the glass, draftiness, or leaks. If notice any of these signs, then contact our team to schedule a double pane window repair appointment.