Commercial Door Closer Service in Wheat Ridge, CO

Functioning door closers go beyond making a good impression on your clients. They are key to the safety of everyone using the building. To ensure yours are working properly, Glass Doctor® of Wheat Ridge offers comprehensive door closer repair service.

Purpose of Door Closers

Heavy doors are excellent for enhanced fire safety and security in your building, but it is difficult to open a heavy door without the assistance of a door closer. With the correct door closer installed, users initially feel some resistance, giving them an awareness of the door's weight. Then, the door closer takes away some of the pressure, and the door glides open. Door closers also ensure doors stay shut by automatically closing the door after the user and creating a seal against the frame.

When to Seek a Door Closer Repair

Entrust door closer repair to our team. We are familiar with a variety of door closer issues. When we survey your business, we will determine the best course of action for repair.

Incorrect Door Closer

Doors require closers that match their weight. A heavy door fitted with a closer with weak springs is dangerous to users, as it could break or become misaligned at any time. It could also cause damage to the door or closer, requiring a potentially expensive repair.

Improper Installation

Only trained professionals like the glass experts at Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge can correctly install and adjust a door closer. If a non-certified worker attempts to repair your door closer, it may not only void the warranty; it could also decrease the lifespan of the door closer. Plus, this may damage the doorframe, misalignment, or unexpected movements by the door.

Low Level of Lubricant

An oil leak is usually due to a mechanical problem, such as a missing screw or broken O-ring. It may also be caused by a failed seal, which is especially problematic, as this leads to a clearance gap and exposes hardware to damage. Our service professionals will fix the problem and return lubricant levels to normal to keep the door opening and closing at the right speed.

Locking Problems

Beyond jeopardizing security, locking problems cause damage to a door. They can lead to issues with the doorframe, door closer, or even locking mechanism itself. If you are struggling to lock a door, seek a door closer repair service from Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge.

Receive your door closer repair from a professional with training and experience in installing and maintaining door closers. Whether you have a clear problem with your closers or are unsure if you require maintenance, contact Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge for an onsite consultation. We will ensure that all components, along with doorframes, hinges, and thresholds, are in proper working order.