Custom Decorative Mirrors in Wheat Ridge, CO

Refresh your home style with custom mirror pieces today. Contact the experts at Glass Doctor® of Wheat Ridge to discover how custom mirrors will add both form and function to your rooms. We'll breathe new life into your home decor with small decorative mirrors to full-length dramatic wall additions. We use mirrors in a variety of ways to make the most of your space.

Create Beauty with Custom Mirrors

Loosen Up Tight Spaces

For rooms that are cramped or stacked with large furniture pieces, strategically placed mirrors will create the illusion of space and make your rooms feel open and airy. Rather than seeing a dead-end with a wall, or even a visually-interesting art piece, mirrors create depth and make you feel like the walls have no end. Try a mirrored wall at the end of a tight hallway or the far end of a closed room. A mirrored backsplash will make a small kitchen feel spacious and efficient, while a large mirror in the bathroom will expand an otherwise small space.

Complement Your Decor

If you already have a few art pieces that you love, but your home still feels under-decorated, try using decorative custom mirrors to fill in the empty spaces to create a stunning look that accentuates what you already own. A simple set of mirrored shelves in the den will store books or knick-knacks while creating a point of visual interest of their own. A framed mirror beside the front door will not only look great, but it will also make it easy for you to check your look before leaving. Try several small framed mirrors above the mantel or over a heavy couch to add a weightless decoration that won't detract from your centerpieces.

Brighten Up Dark Corners

If you want to brighten up your home without adding energy-drainingsucking lamps or engaging in a major renovation, try adding carefully placed mirrors to reflect the existing light throughout the room. By placing mirrors on walls opposite windows and large lamps, you'll add brightness to the farthest corners of the room with ease. Place custom mirrors above desk lamps and side table lamps to create a comfortable glow for a softer effect.

Function and Form Together

Sometimes, you need a mirror in a room for dressing and primping, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't look great on its own! Try a full-length mirror with a decorative frame on the back of your bedroom door or a closet door to get a useful piece that adds to your room's ambiance. Or, replace the heavy vanity mirror in your bathroom with a weightless, framed custom mirror that gives you more room to see while creating more elbow room at the same time.

No Obligation Consultation

Whether you're still coming up with ideas for your redecoration, or you have it all planned out and are ready to roll, an expert from Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge will come to your home for a consultation. We'll help you get your plans together or create a plan to execute your ideas by giving you an accurate quote for materials and installation. Contact us today to speak with a service professional about your options!