ADAS Calibration Services in Wheat Ridge

Vehicle manufacturers continuously find new ways to keep drivers safe while operating their vehicles. Manufacturers have begun adding Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to more recent makes and models. ADAS helps drivers stay protected on the road and covers everyone around them, including passengers and pedestrians. ADAS assists drivers with driving safely by providing alert warnings and detecting dangers that drivers cannot notice.

a male Glass Doctor service professional standing with a man and woman beside a white car with a cracked windshield and staring at tablet If you’re driving a vehicle with ADAS features, you may be unaware that if you replace your windshield, your forward-facing camera must be calibrated. Many manufacturers require calibration after repair because it affects the overall operation of your vehicle. Calibration ensures that the sensors within your vehicle are functioning accurately. Understanding calibration can be challenging, so not every auto glass shop offers this service. At Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge, we have trained specialists with the equipment to calibrate your ADAS camera responsibly and keep you and your vehicle safe.

ADAS Features in Your Car

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) encompasses many different features with a wide range of complexity. ADAS can do something as simple as blind-spot detection or as complex as collision avoidance. For these features to exist, they utilize a camera and a variety of sensors. Some vehicles may include a 360-degree camera. Your car may have many features or just a few, but here is a list of what ADAS technology is found in newer vehicles:

  • Auto-on headlights
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane departure sensors
  • Lane keep assist
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Drowsy driver detection
  • Intelligent speed adaptation, or intelligent speed advice (ISA)
  • Pedestrian detection systems
  • Rear collision warning
  • Parking sensors/park assist
  • Automated parking

Visit this Glass Doctor Blog for more information on specific ADAS features.  ADAS technology and capabilities are expected to grow, with many features already being mandated on new vehicles in the US and EU.

Why Does My ADAS System Need to Be Calibrated?

ADAS systems are complex, and if a sensor in your vehicle is off by even the tiniest millimeter, you are putting yourself and your car at risk for a collision. When your sensors are aligned correctly, they can detect other vehicles and obstacles in your way. Calibration of your system requires both special training and knowledgeable service professionals so they can ensure that your system is operating efficiently and accurately. That’s why we work hard at Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge, so the job is done right.

ADAS Calibration Process

ADAS calibration requires our trained specialists to follow industry standards and best practices to ensure an accurate result. The process typically takes 1-2 hours, and our mobile repair team can come to your home, business, or other location for your convenience. The calibration process requires four steps:

  1. Pre-scan – The first step is determining whether the cameras and sensors work correctly. If they are damaged or malfunctioning, your vehicle will be sent to the dealer for repair.
  2. Replacement – If your windshield requires repair or replacement, our auto glass specialists will perform the necessary repairs or replace it with a windshield that meets the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS).
  3. Calibration – There are two types of calibration: dynamic and static. Dynamic calibration requires driving the vehicle, and static calibration uses a fixed target image at a specific distance in front of the car. Your vehicle may require one or both processes depending on the year, make, and model.
  4. Post-scan – The post-scan process is the final test to ensure accurate calibration and that everything works properly.

ADAS Calibration Near Me

Glass Doctor of Wheat Ridge provides windshield repair and replacement services, including ADAS calibration for Jefferson County, Arvada, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge. You can trust that our skilled service professionals will work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your service, and that your vehicle is operating correctly. Contact us online or call (303) 792-8225 to learn more about our auto glass services.

FAQs about ADAS Calibration

How often should ADAS calibration be done?

Calibration should be performed after an accident, when replacing any ADAS-related parts on your vehicle, and as your manufacturer recommends.

Can windshield replacement affect ADAS calibration?

Yes. Most ADAS systems have either a camera or sensor near your windshield. A replacement may shift these elements which can cause the need for calibration.