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Windshield Repair and Replacement

If your windshield has been damaged, the chip or crack may be repaired without replacing the entire pane. Specialists with Glass Doctor® of Traverse City, MI, repair windshields whenever possible and will otherwise replace them. We’re a local business backed by the training, tools and high standards of our national namesake, Glass Doctor®. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to correctly determine the best solution for your vehicle. Once we determine the best course of action, our specialists will properly and safely care for your windshield.

A damaged windshield is much more than an appearance issue. It could put your family at risk in an accident, causing your vehicle's roof to cave in without the structural integrity that an intact windshield provides. If a new windshield isn’t properly installed, it could pop out in an accident if it’s unable to withstand the force of the air bag. These factors make quality windshield repair and replacement vital.

Deciding to Repair or Replace

Our specialists will first determine whether your windshield can be safely repaired or if windshield replacement is necessary. We’ll consider the following factors:

  • Size: Generally, larger damage requires a windshield replacement. Cracks more than three inches long and chips larger than 3/8 inch in size usually warrant a replacement.
  • Location: If the damage has spread to the edge of your windshield, it’s likely to continue to spread and will necessitate a replacement. Cracks or chips within the driver’s field of vision also require a windshield replacement, since a repair may cause a slightly blurry or uneven appearance that can interfere with the driver’s clear vision.
  • Duration: The sooner we check your damage, the greater our chance of being able to repair it. That’s because the longer a chip or crack remains in your windshield, the more dirt and grime it will collect, making the surface harder to effectively treat.

If you have windshield damage, contact our team immediately! A Glass Doctor® of Traverse City, MI, specialists will respond as soon as possible to keep your family safe and limit your costs.

Windshield Repair

We recommend windshield repair over replacement, when possible, for the following reasons:

  • Speed of Work: We complete windshield repair jobs in less than an hour.
  • Cost: A repair is cheaper than a replacement. Some insurance companies won’t even make you pay your deductible on this type of work.
  • Environmentally friendly: A repair keeps your windshield on your car and out of the landfill, where it would remain forever.

To repair your windshield, our specialists will take the following steps:

  • Removing debris from the damaged area to make a clean, clear path for the adhesive
  • Injecting adhesive into the damaged area
  • Curing and polishing the area to a clear, smooth finish

Windshield Replacement

If your windshield needs replacement service, our specialists will follow the highest industry standards to ensure your new glass offers the same level of protection as your factory-installed windshield.

We’ll follow these steps so your new windshield is properly and safely installed using procedures and products recommended by the non-profit Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC):

  • Carefully removing your windshield, ensuring that paint and the bonding surface aren’t damaged.
  • Selecting an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windshield so its quality matches that of your original, factory-installed windshield
  • Applying AGSC-approved adhesives
  • Replacing your windshield using AGSC procedures
  • Allowing the adhesive to cure for an hour for your safety

While our specialists care for your car, truck or SUV, a team member will explain our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee. This free guarantee protects your new windshield from normal road damaged for 12 months.

Contact Glass Doctor® of Traverse City, MI, as soon as possible following windshield damage. We'll repair or replace your glass as needed, making sure it’s restored to the original quality!