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Double Pane Windows

If your home has double pane windows, fog or water between the glass pieces is a sign of trouble. It usually means the spacer separating the panes is leaking, and your window isn't working as it should. Fortunately, the double pane window repair experts at Glass Doctor® of Traverse City, MI, are always ready to serve you. There is usually no need for our team to replace your entire window to restore comfort and energy efficiency to your home. Rather, we will simply replace the leaking insulated glass unit, taking less time and charging less for our services, to ensure you have comfortable home.

Clear Up Foggy Windows

double pane window

Don't ignore condensation in your double pane windows! Air is leaking both in and out of your home, which destroys your energy efficiency, comfort and ultimately your household's budget. Our double pane window repair team members have expert knowledge of insulated glass units (IGUs), the industry name for double pain windows. We will quickly install new panes in your current cases; this repair restores the function of the window without costing as much as a total window replacement.

And while we're at your home, our crew will offer a free inspection of all your windows. Leaks can sometimes arise even before fog starts showing in between the pains, and our experts can often locate the trouble areas ahead of time.

Restore Comfort and Insulation

Double pane windows will bring comfort to your home and help reduce your family's energy bills. All windows are subject to failure over time. If you notice even a small amount of water forming inside a window, it is a sure sign your money and comfort are slipping away. Waiting to get help will be costly, so call Glass Doctor of Traverse City, MI, right away.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.