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Auto Window Tinting

Putting a tint on your car's windows does much more than make it look like a modern vehicle; the tinting protects your investment and adds value to your investment. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Traverse City have experience in window tinting for all makes and models, and will get your vehicle back on the road quickly.

Auto Glass Tint Advantages

When you schedule auto window tinting with our team, we deliver tangible benefits.

Reduced Sun Damage

UV rays from the sun pound the interior of your car relentlessly, especially when you have to park it outside. Over time, the UV rays can cause considerable damage to your upholstery, causing fabric to fade and leather to crack. Tinted windows block most of the UV rays that enter your car. With tinted windows you will not have to worry about cracked surfaces in the interior or ruined upholstery undermining the resale value of your vehicle. The sun may also cause painful glares. Our window tint reduces driver discomfort by eliminating almost every glare.

Cooler Temperatures

Summer heat stays trapped inside your car, and without auto window tinting, the interior can feel like a furnace every time you open the door. The heat can be dangerous for small animals or children, even when you have the air conditioner running. Tinted windows restrict the heat transfer from the sun and the outside air to the interior of your car. You will notice an interior temperature many degrees lower after auto window tinting services.


A purse left on the front seat, handheld GPS device or a center console full of cash all make enticing targets for thieves. If your vehicle does not have tinted windows, you advertise which items of value are in the car, making criminals more likely to try to enter. Window tinting from Glass Doctor of Traverse City lowers your risk of theft by shielding your car's interior from passersby. Thieves are less likely to take the risk robbing a car when they do not know what is on the inside.

The security of tinted glass also protects you and your family from unwanted attention when you are driving. The privacy offered by the auto window tinting prevents other drivers from peeking inside your car and offers peace of mind when driving alone or late at night.

Protect Your Automobile

Our team of experts at Glass Doctor of Traverse City is available for your free consultation whenever you want to discuss your vehicle upgrade. Contact us today to learn more about our tinting and other auto glass services.