Mirrors Made to Measure - Custom Mirrors

Woman wiping a custom mirror with a paper towel using a spray can with Glass Doctor on the side of the spray can


A custom mirror in any room of your home offers nearly endless possibilities. Mirrors make any space seem more open and inviting, and the experts at Glass Doctor of Traverse City specialize in unique custom mirrors that suit the style and decor of your home. Contact us today to start exploring the possibilities!

The Benefits of Custom Mirrors

Creating Depth and the Illusion of Space

Mirrors reflect the ceiling, walls and natural light, allowing you to strategically place mirrors in your home to open up an otherwise small space. Hallways, entryways and entire rooms will appear more spacious and open. Talk to our specialists about an in-home consultation to identify the ideal locations and types of mirrors to maximize your space. Options include:

  • Mirrored walls: Small or narrow hallways will appear more open
  • Mirrored backslashes: Create a sense of depth in the kitchen
  • Statement mirrors: Anchor the room when placed above a fireplace or headboard

Highlighting Your Home Decor and Art

Draw attention to your home's existing art and decor with a custom large mirror cut to your specifications. Mirrors can either make a bold statement or blend in seamlessly with your decor, you choose which style best suits your home. We offer a wide variety of glass tints, finishes, frames and edgework details to create one-of-a-kind mirrors, including:

  • Mirrored shelves: Offer a panoramic view of decorations, including sculptures, collectibles and antiques
  • Hanging mirrors: Direct natural light to emphasize your favorite artwork
  • Framed mirrors: Add a piece of decoration to walls with hanging art and photographs

Increasing Your Home's Natural Light

Even in rooms with very little natural light, mirrors enhance the lighting to make the space much more lively. From mirrored tabletops to hanging mirrors, you can add a sense of illumination to dining rooms, bath areas or any other part of the home. Mirrors also enhance artificial light, making them great for workspaces and basements. Bring more light into your home using:

  • Bedroom mirrors: Reflect natural light from windows and artificial lamplight to completely transform your bedroom
  • Mounted mirrors: Increase the illumination from a desk lamp or mounted lantern to add atmosphere to the surrounding area

Mirrors Made to Impress

Full-length mirrors have applications throughout the home, especially in bedrooms, closets and entryways, allowing you to get a complete view of your attire before you leave the house. Talk to our specialists about custom cutting a full-length mirror that perfectly matches the mood of your home. We create beautiful full-length mirrors including:

  • Framed mirrors: Lend a splash of sophistication to your bath area with the custom mirror and frame of your choice.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Get a head to toe look at your attire as you get ready to head out or mount a mirror in an entryway to welcome guests.

At Glass Doctor of Traverse City, we work with you every step of the way to create custom glass decor that suits your personal style, and our experts take pride in creating unique mirrors in any size and type. Contact us today for an in-home consultation.