Door Closer Repair Service

Proactive business owners and managers watch buying trends and red flags in customer service, allowing them to make decisions that manage expectations and outcomes. You may not think about door closer repair or maintenance until you need it, but it's in your best interest to take action before a door closer repair is critically necessary. Glass DoctorSt. Joseph, MO® will examine your door closers, looking for and solving potential issues that could snowball into major problems.

How Door Closers Work

An inviting storefront is the beginning of customer service. Your storefront should be clean and appealing. Once your customers begin their entry into your building, your door closers continue the customer service process by opening gently, with a slight push from the outside, swinging open slowly and methodically, without hitches. Once your customers have cleared the door area, the door closes quietly and gently behind them, returning to its frame. The door closer is the arm mechanism that makes this happen.

Door Closer Repair

Your front door's weight should be balanced and heavy enough to give a slight resistance and your door closer springs should be the proper size and weight to support the door itself. If the door closer is the wrong size, it can lead to misalignments and jarring, sudden movements, becoming a safety hazard to your patrons and employees. If you notice an oil leak on your door closer's hardware, that's a sign you need to call Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO immediately. We not only specialize in glass and mirrors, but we are also trained to install, repair or replace the hardware and frames that are part of your glass fixtures. Often, the problem is as simple as a missing screw or a broken O-ring, do-it-yourself fixes may jeopardize warranties and insurance coverage.

Door Closer Maintenance

Customer service also includes customer safety. Due diligence is required to keep your property, employees and patrons safe from harm, so Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO recommends a program of regular storefront inspection and maintenance to keep door closer repair to a minimum. Your glass professional will examine the oil level, springs, arm mechanism, glass, locks, threshold, and doorframes to make sure everything is working easily and safely.

Expert Glass Care in St. Joseph

There are many reasons why Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO is Buchanan County businesses' go-to for door closer repair and maintenance. Like you, we know that integrity and reliability are the foundations for good customer service. When you have questions about storefront glass or door closer repair for your property, contact Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO for an on-site consultation!