Custom Mirrors

Adding custom mirrors to a home provides a unique touch, creating a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing living space. Designing pieces intended specifically for your house will wow everyone who walks in the door. Glass Doctor® of St. Joseph, MO has been working in the glass industry for years, helping customers select custom glass solutions that fit their style and taste. Our experienced glass specialists cut and install a wide range of top quality custom mirrors and other glass surfaces with ease.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Placing mirrors strategically through a home creates depth, making it appear larger. A mirror opens up a small room so that it is more inviting and transforms a large room into a truly awe-inspiring space. Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO uses mirrors to reflect the walls and ceilings as well as natural light from the windows, making living spaces more beautiful. Choose from framed or tiled mirrors to showcase the contours and structure of your home in a way that no one has ever seen before. During an on-site consultation with one of our specialists, we'll determine the best locations for mirrors in your home.

Just a few of the custom mirrors that our clients choose frequently include:

  • Statement mirrors: Use a mirror to bring the focus of a room to a specific location, such as the fireplace or your bedroom’s headboard.
  • Mirrored wall: Create the illusion of space in a small hallway or sitting room.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Mirror the backsplash to add depth to a kitchen or bathroom.

Highlight Home Decor and Art

Custom mirrors are an ideal way to showcase prized art and glass decor pieces. Choose from varying edges, tints, frames and finishes. We will cut the mirror to your unique specifications. Think about using a decorative mirror in one or more of the following ways:

  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors are extremely versatile, allowing you to add a touch of glass decor to a gallery wall or other framed art collection.
  • Hanging mirrors: When custom mirrors are properly placed, they direct natural light onto favorite art pieces.
  • Mirrored shelves: Provide a 360°, panoramic view of your valued sculptures, collectibles or antiques.

Enhance Natural Light

Hanging custom mirrors and mirrored tabletops spreads natural and artificial light alike across every room of the house. Placing a few strategic mirrors in rooms without windows illuminates the spaces in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Consider mounted mirrors and bedroom mirrors. Mounted mirrors project light from existing light sources, such as mounted lanterns and desk lamps. Bedroom mirrors are an ideal way to reflect both natural and artificial light in your sleeping quarters.

Mirrors Made to Impress

It's important to get a full look at your clothing and general appearance before you leave the house. Think about displaying a full-length mirror for this purpose in your entryway, closet or bedroom. Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO glass experts help customers choose frames and finishes that match their existing home decor. A floor-to-ceiling mirror helps you select an outfit and accessories before heading out the door while a custom framed bathroom mirror adds a touch of sophistication.

To learn more about custom mirrors and how Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO will take your home aesthetic to a new level, fill out our service request form or call 816-558-3319.