Door Closer Repair Service

Making an excellent first impression on your customers begin when they walk through the door. If your doors are not working properly, your customers' experience with your business starts off on the wrong foot. Glass Doctor® of St. Joseph, MI, offers door closer repair services so you are sure your doors are working correctly and safely.

Door Closer Repair

When a customer pushes on a door with a properly installed door closer, they will feel a bit of resistance before the door glides easily open. Once they are through the door, the mechanism's arm pulls the door slowly to the frame until the door is completely closed.

This helps customers who are carrying packages and bags enter and exit easily. It also helps to keep your energy expenses down by closing the door quickly and completely to keep out unwanted weather. If your closer is not working correctly, call the specialists at Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI, for an expert repair.

Broken Door Closer

Our specialists are trained to professionally repair or replace your damaged door closer. Sometimes a broken seal or an oil leak causes the failure, which leads to your door opening and closing too quickly. Other times, doors become misaligned or damaged, and are difficult to operate or lock. The wrong door closer for your door's weight and type will also cause problems. All of these issues can lead to harm befalling employees and clients. Let the experts at Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI, get your door closer working like new again.

Regular Maintenance

Of course, keeping your closer in good shape will help you avoid unnecessary door closer repair. With regular service, you will prevent damage to your doorframe, dangerous movements of the door and misalignments that prevent the door from closing all the way. Most door closers come with a warranty from the manufacturer, and attempting to repair or service your closer may void this warranty. Let the experts at Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI, perform your door closer repair services so you stay protected.

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