Advance Measurement System

Proactive glass care from Glass Doctor® of St. Joseph, MI is the best way to reduce downtime and avoid a disruption of your business operations after a glass emergency. Through enrollment in our Advance Measurement system, our team of experts will have the information they need to repair or replace your glass quickly and safely.

The Advanced Measurement System

The Advanced Measurement system relies on a thorough survey of your facility to determine all of your glass needs. We start by building a diagram of your site that includes a list of your glass locations, types and styles. We denote any special safety requirements, and number each pane in your facility. This proactive glass care approach allows us to keep your most commonly broken glass panes in stock, so we're able to arrive at your location with the glass you need.

Emergency Services

Even the best proactive glass care can't stop glass emergencies from happening, but you can limit the disruptions the emergencies cause. Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI specialists are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. All you need to do is call us, refer to the numbered location of the broken pane and we'll be on our way.

Avoiding Board-Up Service

With proactive glass care, you can avoid board-ups that might turn away potential customers or create a security hazard for your business. The Advanced Measurement system enables us to pre-order the glass we need for your site, so we have the perfect pane on-hand no matter when you request service.

Benefits of Proactive Commercial Care

  • Lower costs: Single visit replacement service saves you the cost of additional labor and you may be able to qualify for bulk pricing on your in-stock glass.
  • Safety and security: A quick repair or replacement restores the security of your site, while glass clean up reduces the chance of injury.
  • Convenience: You can return to your normal routine much more quickly with Advanced Measurement than you could with traditional glass repair services. We also offer pre-screening credit services to ease the pain of billing and invoicing.

We want to make proactive glass care an option for you today! Allow a Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI specialist to develop an emergency plan before a disaster occurs. Contact us to schedule a visit and measurement today.