Custom Mirrors & Installation

Woman and man looking at glass doctor folder with options for custom glass mirrors


Custom mirrors are the professional designer's secret to brightening and enlarging a home. Glass Doctor® of St. Joseph, MI, will advise you which mirrors will deliver the look you want. Homeowners are often surprised by how spacious and attractive rooms become with the addition of mirrors.

Use mirrors to open up your living space instead of knocking down walls. Opt to make your home decor unique with bespoke mirrors. Whatever the reason you select custom mirrors, count on our team to deliver quality pieces.

Use Mirrors In Every Room

Invite our experienced design consultants to visit your home for professional advice. Our installation experts measure and install your new mirrored wall, tabletop or framed mirror perfectly. We promised the finished piece will compliment your home's layout and suit your style.

Affect the Atmosphere of Rooms

Creative placement of mirrors in your house offers a sense of openness, visually enlarging the space. Watch your hallways get longer and your ceilings get taller with no need for new construction. Showcase the layout details of your home with mirrors and bring a little-used or unnoticed alcove to life. Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI, brings years of room design experience to present you with mirror decor options or carry out your vision.

Consider these custom mirror possibilities:

  • Install a mirrored backsplash for a brighter, more spacious cooking area.
  • Cover a wall in mirrors and watch cramped areas expand before your eyes.

Customize any corner of the house with detailed mirror designs from Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI.

Frame Art with Light

Spotlight wall art pieces and tabletop decor with purpose-designed mirrors. These mirrors are made to direct light and attention to the items. Our specialists can show you endless finish, tint and frame choices to create the perfect look.

Imagine these decor ideas in your home:

  • Mirror shelving surrounds your art pieces with a fantastic glow or subtle highlighting, according to your preference.
  • Wall-mounted mirrors focus indoor lighting or sunlight, illuminating paintings or art on display.
  • Frame a mirror to add a spark to an arrangement of wall-hung family photos or accent the beauty of your fireplace.

Increase the Lighting

Distribute lamplight or window light across the entire house, using mirror-covered end tables, counters and corner mirrors. If you have few windows in your home, strategically placed mirrors will distribute light. This technique can also be used on interior lighting to achieve similar results. Consult with our team to determine the best places for custom mirror additions.

Additional light-enhancing strategies:

  • Bedroom mirrors add grace, space and style to your room, reflecting indoor lighting and magnifying natural sunlight.
  • Mirrors as backlighting reflect and extend the reach of the light from a wall sconce, floor lamp or table lamp.

Custom Framed Mirrors

Use full-length mirrors to check your image as you exit the house or closest area. A framed floor mirror grants a nice view of your attire. Or adding mirrors to the back wall of the entryway or closet will make last minute checks convenient.

We are able to add large custom mirrors to bathrooms, so morning routines become easier, too. Count on our team to add beauty and function with the addition of practical mirrors.

Functional mirror ideas to try:

  • A framed full-length mirror in the bathroom is almost a necessity.
  • A floor-to-ceiling mirror shows the full effect of your ensemble before making an entrance at an event.

See how custom mirrors create special effects throughout your home. Get professional design guidance and expert installation from Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MI. We offer an in-person consultation. Contact us today!