Shower Door and Bathtub Surround Options & Accessories in St. Charles

There are very few improvements that can add as much value to a home as a bathroom renovation. Since it is one of the most used rooms in any home, every member of the family enjoys the benefits provided by a significant upgrade like the installation of new glass shower doors or a tub enclosure. This also gets a great deal of attention from buyers when the home is being sold, and most of the cost for the initial installation can be recouped at the time a home is on the market. In short, a tub enclosure or glass shower doors are just a great all around investment, for now and the future of your St. Charles home.

Factors Influencing Shower Design

To make this homeowner dream a reality, the first step to take is consulting with Glass Doctor® of St. Charles, MO. One of our specialists will visit your home and take precise measurements to determine exactly what styles are compatible with your space. During the visit, we will make an overall assessment of what might work well in your bathroom.

The infrastructure of the bathroom is important because the construction of the walls will dictate how much weight they will support. Ventilation in the room needs to be adequate so that condensation does not routinely accumulate and cause interior damage. If ventilation needs improvement, a ventilation kit might be recommended to avoid issues like mold growth and paint peeling.

Bathroom Improvement

Designing Glass Enclosures

Once the factors influencing design options are determined, we recommend you visit our Shower Idea Center. We proudly offer glass shower and tub enclosures from nationwide vendors. Browse through the gallery to see which styles suit you. Gather ideas for other bathroom renovation projects and see if any of our available accessories appeal to you.


Once you've made your choice, our helpful Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO specialists will assist you with ordering the materials needed, and then schedule a time for the installation of your new tub enclosure or frameless shower doors. After our specialists have fully installed the final product, we will go over best maintenance practices. Once your new glass shower doors will become the centerpiece of the entire room, you'll be thrilled that you made the decision to contact Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO.