Advance Measurement System by Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO

After a disaster, the Glass Doctor® of St. Charles, MO team will ensure you are among the first businesses in the area up and running. With a comprehensive glass recovery plan that includes proactive glass care, we help make this happen. Our Advance Measurement system complements your existing preparedness plans, allowing you to receive fast repair services when unexpected glass breaks occur.

How the Advance Measurement System Works

After signing up for the Advance Measurement system, a specialist from Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO will visit your property and take expert measurements of all the glass in and on your property. The expert will also note the types of glass used and any glass-related safety code requirements. Afterward, our specialist creates a diagram that identifies the location of all the glass on the property, which notes their various features of the pane. You receive a copy of the diagram for your records and Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO keeps the diagram with your account information.

If glass breaks, simply call Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO and use the diagram to indicate which panes need attention. Because we will already have the measurements and pertinent information on file, glass specialists will begin the repairs right away. Pre-establishing credit and providing us with thorough contact information expedites the process.

Pre-Order Glass for Faster Repairs

If your business experiences frequent glass breaks or there are panes that are crucial to your business, take advantage of the Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO in-stock program. In this program, a business pre-orders glass and we store it, so it is ready to go when needed.

Advance Measurement Benefits

When you consider the cost of broken glass, you must look beyond the cost of the pane in question. In addition to the replacement cost, you also have to factor in the cost of how the broken glass might hinder your business processes. When you sign up for the Advance Measurement program, you will experience:

  • Business continuity thanks to quick glass repairs
  • Reduced safety risks to employees and customers
  • Improved safety as proactive glass care reestablishes the building’s security
  • Minimal impact to the business’ image
  • Saved money and time because we generally complete a repair and installation in a single trip

Advanced Measurement from Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO allows you to recover more quickly when the unexpected occurs. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a professional consultation.