Auto Glass & Windshield Care by Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO

Damaged auto glass doesn't have to disrupt your life. Glass Doctor® of St. Charles, MO will repair or replace all of your auto glass from your windshield to your rear-view mirrors. We are your number one auto glass care solution.

Windshield Care

Distorted visibility is only one of the safety issues that a damaged windshield causes. The typical vehicle's windshield accounts for between 45% and 60% of its structural integrity in a crash. This means even a small crack or chip should be repaired immediately.

Windshield Repair

If your windshield damage is repairable, then our auto glass care specialists will clean the affected area and inject resin. This will seal the damage and add clarity to your windshield. After about an hour, your windshield is repaired, and you are ready to drive.

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a windshield repair, so you may be able to get this service without paying anything.

Windshield Replacement

If a repair is impossible, then we will fully replace your windshield according to Auto Glass Safety Council™ standards. Our glass specialists will only use replacement glass that meets or exceeds your Original Equipment Equivalent's (OEE) specifications. All technological features included in your windshield will be restored as well.

Auto Glass Replacement

Our glass specialists carefully select the type of glass that is used for your auto glass replacement. The type of glass we use for your replacement will vary based upon where your auto glass damage is. A windshield requires laminated glass to prevent glass from flying into your car. Side windows use tempered glass that breaks into tiny, less harmful chunks when broken.

Our ability to restore your vehicle extends beyond your windows and mirrors. We are equipped to replace every piece of glass in your vehicle, including specialized auto glass like sunroofs and smaller glass fixtures on the inside of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Protection

We continue caring for your auto glass after you've left our shop. Take advantage of our various guarantee programs and treatments. Receive lasting protection from the start by having Glass Doctor of the St. Charles, MO apply the glass treatment to new glass pieces.

Windshield Protection Plan

When we replace your vehicle's windshield, you automatically get the Windshield Protection Plan. This benefit gives you access to unlimited windshield repairs and one full windshield replacement for 12 months after your initial replacement.

Full-Service Plan

You can extend your auto glass care coverage to include the Full-Service Plan, which includes everything covered by the Road Hazard Guarantee, plus the cost of labor for a windshield replacement. In addition, the plan comes with free windshield wipers and an application of Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant. Hydrophobic Coating gives your auto glass a strong layer of protection against scratches and stains.

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