Double Pane Windows by Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO

Windows remain vulnerable to temperature changes and weather extremes throughout the year. Worse, these challenges put pressure on windows and damage seals, resulting in unpleasant drafts and insufficient insulation. Milky panes with condensation buildup indicate an area leaking climate-controlled air. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of St. Charles, MO offers repair and replacement services to improve your home’s comfort and appearance.

Insulated Glass Advantages

double pane window

Furnish your home with insulated glass units (IGUs) to reduce energy costs and feel comfortable year-round. IGUs retain heat during the winter and reflect it on sweltering summer days. This minimizes HVAC operations and puts money in your pocket. In addition, homeowners may request units be filled with argon or krypton gas for increased insulation.

Constructed by two or more panes of glass separated by an air pocket and insulating spacer, IGUs also function as a noise buffer. Allow our specialists to increase moisture absorption by filling spacers with desiccant, an industry-trusted drying agent, or use a warm-edge spacer. We finalize installation by applying a high-grade sealant around the edges to guard your windows from unwelcome condensation.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO specializes in insulated glass window repair and replacement. Qualified specialists assess your damaged seals and panes. We'll make replacements at your convenience. We prioritize your time and budget, making every effort to use your existing frames in the replacement process.

Restore home comfort and weather-beaten windows by contacting our specialists today. Serving St. Charles, MO and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO awaits your call. Call our team at (636) 946-8866 or submit an online service request form to schedule an in-home consultation and guaranteed workmanship you can trust.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.