Custom Mirrors & Glass Decor by Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO

A custom mirror adds beauty to any space and makes a home more comfortable and inviting. Glass Doctor® of St. Charles, MO, provides you with mirrors and other custom glass decor to brighten your home and customize your space. Our glass specialists will design, cut and install pieces according to your specifications.

Mirrors Add to Beautify

Create the Illusion of Depth

Small or dark spaces benefit enormously from mirrors. A well-placed custom mirror reflects a room's natural light, as well as its walls and ceiling, to create depth and scatter light. This turns a room into a warmer, more inviting space that will enchant guests and potential buyers. Schedule an appointment with us for an in-home consult, and we'll advise you about the best places in your home to place mirrors. For instance, a mirrored wall helps a small or cramped hallway seem much larger. Mirrored backsplashes add depth to kitchens. And a statement mirror is a custom created piece above a headboard or a fireplace, which adds character and personality to a room.

Accentuate Your Decor

With a custom mirror cut to your specifications, you'll highlight your home's unique art and decor. Choose from a variety of edges, tints, frames and finishes for your custom mirror, to complement your home's design and make a mirror that's truly your own. Mirrored shelves provide a striking three-dimensional view of your objects of art. Well-placed hanging mirrors direct light, and people's attention, to your artwork. And while framed mirrors work well in any space, they serve particularly well when drawing a viewer's eyes to a wall featuring framed art.

Augment Your Natural Light

Hanging mirrors and mirrored tabletop scatter light through your home, brightening your space. If a room lacks windows, a few mirrors can do wonders to make it more cheerful and inviting. Bedroom mirrors, for example, catch natural and artificial light and cast them throughout your space. And a mounted mirror will multiply the light from a lantern, a desk lamp or another light source.

Mirrors to Impress

Bedrooms, entryways and closets are perfect places to hang full-length mirrors. A full-length custom mirror gives a top-to-bottom perspective on your appearance before you leave the home.

Our glass specialists will cut a custom mirror with a design and finish that accentuates your home decor. A framed full-length mirror will add a sophisticated touch to any room, and a floor-to-ceiling mirror gives a comprehensive look at your appearance before you leave the house.

Take the first step to brighten your space and make it your own. Contact Glass Doctor of St. Charles, MO, today, to get a consultation with one of our specialists and design the perfect mirror for your home.