Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

If you're looking for a way to add some modern style to your home decor, choose glass tabletops and shelves. Glass offers a smooth, clean look and is functional in a variety of settings.

Glass Tabletops

Whether it's protecting a table you love with a glass overlay or replacing a table's existing top, glass is a great way to spice up your office or home decor. Glass Doctor® of Spokane can cut glass tabletops into virtually any shape to fit most spaces. If you have a custom design in mind, let us know.

Places to Use Glass Tabletops

  • Living Room: Coffee tables are perfect for glass tabletops and refresh a living room's look. What's more, glass is immune to the effects of watermarks and other common coffee table damage.
  • Dining Room: A glass-topped dining room table upgrades the function and beauty of daily meals. Glass makes spills easy to clean, resists scratches and consistently looks good.
  • Conference Room: Give your boardroom or office a professional look with a glass top on your conference table.
  • Writing Desk: A simple glass-top desk makes for a distraction-free environment, plus pen marks won't ruin your table.
  • Patio Tables: Choose a specialty glass for patio areas with or without an umbrella hole to bring modern decor outdoors.
  • Other: End tables, night stands and virtually any other furniture can benefit from the addition of a glass top.

Glass Shelves

Graphic of different glass edges

You can use glass shelves anywhere a shelf is required in your home. As with glass tabletops, our glass experts can design shelves to fit perfectly into any space.

Places to Use Glass Shelving

  • Bathrooms: Glass has many uses in the bathroom including towel racks and shelves. There's a glass tint to fit any decor, and glass is impervious to the effects of moisture.
  • Displays: Since it allows light to pass through it, glass makes excellent shelves for displaying things you want noticed. Whether it's a photo collection or a collection of priceless artwork, glass shelves are a perfect way to present them.
  • Adjustable shelves: Thanks to their thin size, it's easy to use glass shelves in adjustable arrangements. Changing a shelf's height is as easy a sliding a panel out and repositioning it at another lever.

Additional Considerations

Glass Shades

Glass Doctor of Spokane offers several shading options for both its glass tabletops and glass shelving. Each shade is available in a variety of tint levels to fit any decorative style.

  • Clear: Provides the ultimate clean look.
  • Frosted: Maintains privacy, but still allows some light to pass. 
  • Grey: Grey glass, also called smoked, is available in shades ranging from transparent light grey to totally opaque dark grey.
  • Bronze: A popular choice for homes, bronze glass is great for in an antique motif.

Edging Options

Once you've selected the shape and shade, the next consideration is the edge. As with wood edges, glass edges can be cut into numerous shapes to add both function and style. 

Glass Safety

Many people have questions about safety. Fortunately, modern glass is strong and safe. Glass Doctor of Spokane uses only high-quality, tempered glass for its tabletops and shelves. Tempered glass undergoes a special heating process that strengthens it and alters the way it breaks. If in the unlikely event it does break, it will shatter into small pieces without sharp points and edges. While not recommended for workbenches, glass tabletops are safe for the home.

When you're ready to incorporate glass tabletops and shelves into your home decor, call Glass Doctor of Spokane for an in-home consultation with a glass expert.