Emergency Business Glass Services

If your company has broken glass due to a break-in, vandalism, weather or accident, you’ll need business emergency glass repair services as soon as possible. Broken glass poses a safety and security issue that could temporarily close your doors and affect your income. In addition, broken glass in windows or doors could allow rain and pests to damage your equipment, furnishings and merchandise. Glass Doctor® of Spokane will fix your panes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our specialists will arrive ready to restore your building. If we are unable to fix the glass on the spot, we will board up the damage to secure your business. We’ll precisely measure to avoid any delays in getting the exact glass you need. Our specialists will then install it, using industry best practices.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Businesses that select to join our Advance Measurement system will get back to business as usual even more quickly, saving the time and expense of multiple visits. Our Advance Measurement system offers exclusive benefits to businesses:

  • Our specialists will create a diagram of all the glass in your business; each piece will have a number assigned to it. We’ll leave a copy of the diagram with you.
  • If your glass is damaged, call us. Consult your diagram, and report the number assigned to the broken glass.
  • We’ll immediately match the number to the glass we have in stock and dispatch a specialist to replace your glass in a single visit.
  • If you pre-establish your credit and contact information, the repair and replacement process, as well as your billing, will proceed even more smoothly and quickly.

In-Stock Replacement Program

If you have glass that’s prone to breakage, enroll in our In-Stock Replacement Program. We’ll keep extra glass in stock for you so we’ll have it when you need it. Our specialists will be able to replace your glass and get you back to business even more quickly.

Commercial Care

For an extra level of protection and savings, Glass Doctor of Spokane offers a Commercial Care program with the following benefits:

  • Priority response after regular business hours
  • Discounts on board-up services and all other work
  • Commercial account setup to speed up the process

Make an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Spokane, and we’ll help you determine the program that best suits your business emergency glass repair needs. Preparing for an emergency in advance will save you time and money and allow your business to remain open or re-open as quickly as possible.