Double Pane Windows

Homes in Spokane experience serious temperature extremes throughout the year. Your home’s windows are responsible for the greatest amount of heat loss and heat gain during extreme temperatures. Single pane windows are not efficient at providing a good thermal barrier against heat transfer; the glass is a good conductor of hot and cold air and lets the outdoor temperatures come into your home unimpeded.

Double pane insulated glass units (IGUs) solve the insulation problem by adding another piece of glass, separating the two panes with a spacer and then sealing the window as one complete unit. The space between the panes may be filled with dead air or may contain an inert gas such as argon or krypton, used to increase the window's thermal properties.

Glass Doctor® of Spokane specializes at fixing all types of glass, including cracks or chips you may find in your home's single pane windows. If you see signs that your double pane windows have suffered a broken seal and started leaking, call the glass specialists. Without the sealed air space between the two panes your insulated window will have lost its insulating abilities. Obvious signs of a broken seal are condensation between the panes or a milky-white look to the glass.

We Can Fix It

double pane window

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Spokane will repair your glass, replace your windows or install all new windows in your home. If it's a simple crack or chip in a single pane, we can fix it quickly, usually just where it's located. If we're replacing a double pane window we can normally just do the insulated glass portion, allowing you to retain your original window frame and grid. This makes upgrading your current windows or replacing units that have broken seals much less expensive than you may have thought.

Why Double Pane is Preferred

Insulated windows have two major benefits. They increase the comfort level in your home by eliminating drafts and stopping the exchange of air. IGUs also help you save money, as your better sealed home requires less furnace use in the winter and air conditioner use in the summer.

Glass Doctor of Spokane installs only the highest-quality insulated glass units. If you have any residential glass needs, whether repair or replacement, schedule an appointment online with our glass specialists! 

Keep the frame, replace the glass.