Advance Measurement System

For windows and glass that break frequently, or if you just prefer to be prepared in the event of a disaster, the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Spokane will make sure you are covered.

Proactive Commercial Glass Care

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement program, a glass specialist will be dispatched to your building to take careful measurements of all your glass, including windows, doors, interior fixtures and shelving. We'll also make a note of any shatter resistant, weather rated or other specialty glass used in your facility.

The next step is to create a detailed diagram of your business, which features the glass panes numbered throughout. That way, when you need to notify us of broken or damaged glass, you will be able to identify it quickly and easily.

Fast Emergency Repairs

When you call Glass Doctor of Spokane for glass repair, a specialist will be dispatched to your location. If we have the glass available, a complete repair will be made right away. If not, the area will be secured and the debris cleaned up. For the fastest repairs or for frequently broken glass, try our In-Stock option and we will pre-order your glass so you never have to wait for delivery of new glass.

Streamlined Service

When you pre-establish credit with Glass Doctor of Spokane, you will enjoy the best of our proactive commercial glass care service. If a window or other fixture should become broken, your daily operation will not be interrupted. Our specialists will repair or replace the glass with a single phone call. You won't have to worry about your customers or inventory being at risk, or deal with the inconvenience of multiple service calls.

Protect Your Business

You will rest assured knowing you are prepared with the proactive commercial glass care solutions from Glass Doctor of Spokane. To learn more about this service or to start the enrollment process, call or schedule an appointment online today!