Industry Glass Solutions

At Glass Doctor® of Sioux Falls, we believe it’s vital to deliver the industry glass products and services your commercial operation requires. We offer commercial glass repair, window replacements, door closer maintenance and an array of glass care services to keep your buildings operating smoothly.

Our Commercial Care program is an extension of our traditional services. Members benefit from exclusive discounts on emergency board-up services, special pricing and a priority service status. Take advantage of the commercial account setup and 24/7 emergency services that are standard with membership.

Apartments and Condominiums

We reduce your list of management concerns by providing professional commercial glass repair, maintenance and upgrades to your apartment or condominium community. Our glass specialists will upgrade your exteriors with quality replacement windows, entryways and patio and sliding doors. Allow our team to beautify your interiors with glass and mirrored decor customized to suit your buildings style. We offer remodeling upgrades to enhance building safety and functionality.

How we can benefit your business:

  • High quality window replacement service to heighten efficiency and comfort
  • Custom glass decor and mirrors for gyms and common rooms
  • 15% discount for resident’s auto glass service

apartment windows


Your restaurant must be attractive to bring customers in the door. It must be engaging, functional and safe to keep them coming back. Our glass specialists implement indoor and outdoor commercial glass repair, replacement, maintenance and remodeling solutions that give your restaurant the look and feel you and your customers want.

How we can benefit your business:

  • Upgrade and install plate, tinted, safety and decorative glass throughout your entryway and interior
  • Glass tabletops and buffet sneeze-guards to make bussing messes more efficient
  • Sliding drive-up windows glass doors and windbreaks to keep your building secure will maintaining function

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities must fuse comfort and efficiency to create a superior learning environment. We aim to meet the unique needs of staff and students, including glass care for dormitories and high-tech classrooms. Each area requires glass products that perform specialized functions. We meet those needs with a wide range of glass solutions.

How we can benefit your business:

  • Protective glass tabletops, partitions and display cases
  • Fire- and shatter-resistant glass for building safety
  • Shower enclosures and mirrors for athletic facilities


An elegant glass entryway provides a beautiful invitation to customers, but you need more to make a shopper buy. We supply the customized glass products, decor and services to present your products in the most attractive fashion. We repair, replace and upgrade your glass windows and doors to meet your need for safety and comfort requirements.

How we can benefit your business:

  • Coordinated glass doors and windows
  • Security film for safety and energy savings
  • Custom display cases, shelves, mirrors and partitions

Hotels and Motels

Your guests deserve the beauty and functionality our glass repair, maintenance and remodeling solutions provide. We can enhance your hotel or motel with the industry glass solutions specific to your needs.

How we can benefit your business:

  • Custom mirrors and shower doors for guest baths
  • Safety glass partitions for workout areas
  • Tinted window film for security and UVA ray protection

Cities and Municipalities

When you manage a municipal building, you must keep the public happy. We do our part with industrial glass solutions that offer the quality and savings you need. Our repairs, maintenance, upgrades and new construction designs stand up to public scrutiny.

How we can benefit your business:

  • Fire-rated safety glass, tinted film for energy savings
  • Door closer maintenance and upgrades
  • Expedited purchase orders and after-hours services

Schedule a Consultation

Running a commercial property is complicated. Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls will reduce your workload with commercial glass products and services suited to your specific industry. Call us at (605) 360-8508 to schedule a professional consultation or for more information.