Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Sioux Falls provides a superior choice of standard and fully customizable home glass decor. The experts at Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls are trained to assist you with the customization of glass tabletops and shelves, doors glass, custom mirrors and the low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls will transform your design ideas into your decor reality. 

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls specialists are experienced in creating custom glass tabletops for your existing as well as new furniture. To make the process as simple as possible, we perform all of the measurements and cut the glass in an array of sizes and shapes. We even craft decorative custom edges.

During our in-home consultation, our experienced specialists discuss glass tint, edgework detail, the thickness of the glass and any related safety issues. We also go over additional options, such as coating and tinting glass, which protects your furniture from harmful UV rays that will dull your decor over time.

Custom Mirrors

Our specialists understand how to use mirrors in your decor to create the illusion of space with dynamic mirror options such as: 

  • Customized mirror picture frames 
  • Full mirrored walls
  • Custom and standard bathroom mirrors
  • Vanity hanging mirrors
  • Full-length closet mirrors and closet door mirrors 
  • Mirror shelving

Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls specialists shape and design your mirrors to your exact specifications. Simply put, no mirror is out of reach. For more information and additional assistance with your mirror decor, schedule an appointment with a Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls specialist.

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

Transform the appearance of your outdoor space with attractive patio or French door panes from Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls. Our glass specialists restore or replace your broken glass, and add specialty glass when requested, including: 

  • Decorative glass with coordinating window panes
  • All-weather glass
  • Double-pane windows enhanced with sliding blinds
  • Energy-efficient glass and windows 
  • Laminated glass

With the most comprehensive product line in the industry, we have partnered with Western Reflections to have your in-stock doorlite products the next business day.

Low-E Glass Windows

Instead of allowing UV rays to do damage to your home decor, low-emissivity (Low-E) windows effectively filter out the brightest light. Low-E coatings are extremely thin metallic films designed to reduce the transmission of visible light by 10%. Low-E is an excellent tool to reduce the exposure of light on your draperies, carpets, sofas and other home decor. Best of all, Low-E windows are the green choice because it helps reduce your energy consumption by effectively moderating the climate in your home. While these windows allow the sunlight in, the coating reflects the sun's heat and reduces its glare in your home. Start saving money today with the new Low-E glass windows; contact your Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls for the ideal solution for your home.