Auto Glass Care

Auto windshield repair is an essential aspect of your vehicle's overall safety. Our glass experts are ready to repair your chipped windshields to keep yourself and your family on the road safely. Drivers of Sioux Falls, Canton, and Brandon, can count on Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls to take care of their auto glass needs.

Windshield Care

In some cases, our experts will recommend a windshield repair rather than entirely replaced. If the chip or crack in your windshield is smaller than the size of a silver dollar, our glass specialist will provide a repair procedure. This procedure consists of the experts who will inject resin into the affected site, which effectively seals up any breach in the windshield and restores the structural strength to it. If a windshield repair is not possible, our glass experts will provide a windshield replacement. The new windshield is installed in-shop, and within a few hours, the adhesive will cure and become a permanent bond. This entire process follows the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard, which are the best procedures recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council™.

Auto Glass Replacement

There are two different kinds of glass used in your vehicle, tempered glass, and laminated glass. Laminated glass is generally used in your windshield, and this can be either repaired or replaced. Tempered glass is used on rear windows and side windows, and is made to shatter on impact so that no large shards remain to cause severe injury. Tempered glass cannot be repaired and must be fully replaced; our specialists will provide you with an accurate estimate for replacement, and then do the work right on the premises.

Auto Glass Protection

Every windshield replacement service Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls completes includes a 12-month guarantee. We also apply window tint and film to your vehicle, protecting your interior from the adverse effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays, which preserves the interior upholstery and lessens the effects of heat gain.

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When you work with Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls, you can rely on accurate quotes, expertly done work, and thorough professionalism. Call us and get your car ready for the road again!