Double Pane Windows

If the outside temperature affects the inside of your home or if your double pane windows have taken on a milky glaze, then your windows need glass repair. Glass Doctor® of Sioux Falls restores your windows and installs upgrades.

We specialize in window installation and replacement, both of which reduce the likelihood of outside air rushing into your home, seeping between your double panes and affecting both your indoor air temperature and the clarity of your windows. We can also upgrade your windows if they are simple single pane glass units.

Insulated Glass Repair

double pane window

Your double pane insulated glass windows are engineered to provide an extra layer of protection against the outside elements. Two panes of glass separated with a spacer create a pocket of air that insulates indoor air from outdoor influence. The air between the panes can be treated with argon or krypton gas, which increase insulating properties to the unit. The entire perimeter of each pane is then sealed to prevent air from leaking inside the double pane window.

Unfortunately, sealants fail. Some fail because the window is not installed properly. Others fail due to the natural aging process of the materials. If your window sealants have failed, call a Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls specialist to have your windows repaired. We will remove the failing sealant, re-secure the air between the panes and then reseal the window with a high-grade sealant.

In some cases, your windowpanes may be beyond repair. When this is the case, your Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls specialist will install new double pane glass replacements, which are much less expensive than replacing the entire window unit.

Insulated Glass Benefits

Whether your insulated glass windows are replaced, you are sure to notice two immediate benefits. First, your windows will reduce heat transfer. This means that your furnace and air conditioning systems won't have to work as hard, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills. Second, your windows will look as crystal clear.

Call Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls today to schedule an appointment to have your double pane windows installed or replaced.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.