Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Our range of custom tabletops and glass shelves are a stylish and practical way to highlight your furnishings throughout your home. Whether you're looking to add glass to your formal dining table or replace the pane on your antique coffee table, Glass Doctor® of Sioux Falls provides glass tabletops and custom shelving solutions for your entire home.

Custom Glass Tabletops:

Graphic of different glass edges

Think outside the dining room and add a touch of sophistication to your home office with a glass writing desk. Use the same principal in an office setting; add a glass conference room table for a clean, modern appearance. Enjoy the outdoors with glass patio tables or make a great first impression on guests with a beautiful glass entryway table. We offer a wide range of edgings from a classic flat finish to an elaborate waterfall edge to give each table a unique look.

Showcase Valuables in Style

Show off your collectibles with custom glass shelves that are as functional as they are appealing. Glass shelving allows light to pass through, so your spaces stay organized without making them feel cluttered or small. Go for a classic look with vertical shelving or add a bit of surprise with an array of shelving across an expansive wall.

Staying Safe

Leave your worries behind when you choose safety glass for your glass tabletops and custom shelving from Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls. Choose from tempered and laminated glass options that are resistant to impact. If they do receive a heavy blow, the glass will either break into small, safe chunks or hold together in a solid sheet even when broken.

Free Consultation

For a truly perfect fit for you glass tabletops and custom glass shelving, get a professional consultation with one of our glass specialists. We will take careful measurements to ensure a perfect fit. If you're ordering shelving, we'll even measure what you intend to keep on them to make sure there's plenty of space between shelves and no wasted space. We'll also cover all the finishing options you have so you are delighted with the results.

Once you've chosen the perfect arrangement, we will provide an accurate quote for your new furniture with no obligation to purchase. To learn more about our glass services or to schedule your consultation, call or schedule an appointment online today!