Door Closer Repair Service

Simple features in your building, such as properly functioning door closers, play a big role in communicating the quality of your business. If you need a door closer repair, seek attention as soon as possible. Left untreated, you will damage more than your image. Over time, a damaged door closer can lead to serious problems requiring expensive repairs or may even cause injury to users. Receive door closer repair from a qualified specialist when you choose to work with Glass Doctor® of Sioux Falls.

Door Closer Operation

If you want heavy doors in your building, you will need door closers. When users apply pressure to the door, they will initially feel some weight before the door slides open. Upon releasing the door, it will return to its closed position, sealing to the frame. This system improves security, fire safety and access for disabled users.

When to Seek a Door Closer Repair

Our team has the ability to solve common door closer issues. We will manage your repairs and restore the operation of your door closers. We are your trusted source for storefront glass and door care.

Incorrect door closer: Your door needs to be matched with the right door closer. Heavy doors require closers with springs matching the weight of the door. Our specialists will check and be sure your doors are fitted with the right closers to prevent injury, damage to the door or closer, and misalignment, which could lead to additional issues over time.

Improper installation: Only trained professionals have the knowledge and tools to install a door closer correctly. If you believe your door closer may need adjusting, contact us at Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls. Our specialists will check and readjust your closers to avoid damage doorframe, unexpected door movements, and misalignment.

Oil leaks: A lubrication leak is often due to a damaged seal, which, in addition to low oil levels, may expose hardware in the door closer. An oil leak may also be due to a mechanical issue, like a missing part or broken O-ring. One of our specialists will diagnose the problem and replace the lubricant to prevent the door from opening or closing too quickly.

Lock issues: If you struggle to lock your door, rely on our specialists to resolve the problem and regain security in your building. Early attention will protect your door, frame, and closer from further damage. As with all other services, you should rely on a trained professional or you risk voiding your guarantee.

Contact the Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls team for any type of door closer repair or maintenance. All our specialists are trained in industry best practices to maximize the lifespan of your door closer. Allow us to improve appearances at your business, protect users from injury and prevent serious damage to the entryway.