Double Pane Window Services for Port Charlotte

At Glass Doctor® of Port Charlotte our specialists are ready and equipped to help you in improving your Florida home! Our double pane windows will help you combat the extremes of weather, insulating your home not only from inconsistent temperatures, but also unwanted outside sound.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Reduced Temperature Transfer

The primary appeal of double panes is the reduction of transferred heat from the outside or inside of the house. In either extreme of weather, hot or cold, we use air conditioning to set our surroundings the way we want them. The biggest threat to losing your conditioned air is your windows, and double paned windows add a much needed resistance to this ‘bleeding’ of air.

The impact of this effect will manifest exactly where you want it to; your wallet. The increase in efficiency results in heating and air units having to work a lot less to maintain your desired temperature, and as a result you reap in savings.

Reduced Noise Pollution

double pane window

In addition to being a huge benefit to climate control, double pane windows also assist in mitigating unwanted ambient sound or noise pollution. The added layer of air between the panes literally absorbs a portion of incoming ambient sound, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful home.

Double Pane Windows

Signs to Look For

Some instances don’t really need to be pointed out, but there are some signs of a failing insulated glass unit (IGU) you may want to be aware of that may require a replacement. If you notice undue condensation on the inside of your panes that lasts beyond odd weather or temperature changes, or the buildup of a white film, it is likely the seal on your unit has failed and needs replacing.

What Can be Done?

Double pane window repair often does not require the replacement of the entire window unit. In many instances the window can be replaced independently of the window frame, which is a fairly quick and simple process.

At Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte we pride ourselves on our expertise in handling double pane windows, and can guarantee an exceptional experience. Call us today at 941-613-1614 or schedule an appointment online with our specialists. We fix your panes!®

Keep the frame, replace the glass.