Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Port Charlotte, FL

Don't let damaged glass interfere with your business. Glass Doctor® of Port Charlotte offers local businesses the option to enroll in our Advance Measurement system. This program is a proactive business recovery plan designed to help ensure your business stays safe and secure when a glass emergency occurs.

Features of the Advance Measurement System

When you enroll in our exclusive glass repair plan, our specialists will survey your business prior to any emergency events. A specialist will arrive at your facility and measure the glass panes in your windows, doors, shelving units and other areas throughout your building. We then create a numbered diagram that accurately displays the location of each glass piece. Measurements, glass type and any special requirements will be recorded as well. In the event of an emergency a single call to report the number of the pane gives our specialists a bounty of useful information. Benefits of this proactive business recovery plan include:

Faster Emergency Repairs 

Simply calling Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte to report the pane's corresponding number from your diagram puts your glass repair on the fast track. Our glass specialists can then determine if the glass you need is in stock or will need to be ordered before they ever arrive at your location. If the glass is in stock, our specialists will arrive at your location and replace your broken panes in a single trip, saving you the time and hassle of a board-up. If the glass is not in stock, we will order it right away in order to expedite the permanent repair of your facility.

In-Stock Options

If your business suffers from frequently broken glass in specific areas, we can pre-order the panes you need and store them at our shop. Opting for our in-stock option helps you avoid costly downtime and board-ups.

Pre-established Credit

Avoid billing conflicts and make paying for unexpected expenses easier when you pre-establish.

Safety and Security 

Reduce the risk of customer and employee injuries and keep your business secure when you opt for the Advance Measurement system and allow our specialists to expedite the repair and replacement process.

Contact Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte today and discover how our proactive business recovery plan will quickly restore your panes.