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Door Closer Repair Service

Make a great impression the moment a customer walks into your business with a door that works well. Glass Doctor® of Port Charlotte ensures a promising first impression with our door closer care services, which include installation, maintenance and repairs. When a door closer is in good condition, the door is safer to operate and closes properly.

What Manual Door Closers Do

Door closers make opening and closing a door simple. The mechanisms inside a closer allow a door to push or pull open with minimal effort. Initially, a user feels a bit of resistance before the door glides open easily. When a user lets go of the door, the door closer automatically returns the door to the frame. When a door closes on its own, a business minimizes energy losses and reduces security risks.

Indications Businesses Require Door Closer Care

Our door closer care programs offer solutions for commercial properties, broken glass and poorly operating doors are quickly resolved with minimal disruption to your daily operations. These are a few common issues associated with door closers:

Poor installation or maintenance: Always hire a trained specialist for all your door closer care needs from installation to maintenance. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte receive ample training in how to install, adjust, maintain and repair door closers to maximize a device's life and prevent misalignments, doorframe damage and unsafe door movements. Without this training a door closer may operate ineffectively or even become dangerous to customers and employees.

Wrong door closer: There is a variety of door closers available on the market. The best type for your door depends on its weight and features you seek. When a specialist from Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte installs a door closer, you prevent unnecessary safety risks to customers and damage to the closer or doorframe.

Door does not lock well: Improper installation or a lack of regular door maintenance could make a door hard to lock, which greatly reduces your building's security. When a door is hard to lock, you risk damaging the door closer, doorframe and the locking mechanism.

Noticeable door closer damage: When a door closer's seal breaks, you might see a clearance gap. This gap increases the risk of lubricant leaks and damage to the hardware inside the closer. If a door opens too quickly or you see lubricant leaking from a door closer, this is a sign of possible mechanical damage. When an expert from Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte performs door closer care, the individual will always ensure the device has sufficient lubrication.

Entrust Experts with Door Closer Care

Always hire a trained expert to install, repair and maintain a door closer. Failing to do so, particularly with a newer device, might void its warranty.

Proudly serving Port Charlotte, Placida, Punta Gorda and Englewood, Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte invites local businesses to take advantage of our Commercial Care and door closer care programs. Contact to a glass specialist today to schedule a complimentary on-site consultation.