Custom Mirrors

Custom glass surfaces are great additions to Port Charlotte homes because glass increases light flow and adds a modern touch while minimizing your maintenance needs. At Glass Doctor® of Port Charlotte, we know how to tap into the versatility of custom glass surfaces, which aren't limited to window panes and custom tabletops. Custom mirrors also allow you to harness the decorative benefits of glass in one-of-a-kind ways.

Use Custom Mirrors to Your Benefit

Create the Illusion of Depth

Every time we hang a mirror in a Port Charlotte home, another identical room appears behind it. Of course, the reflection in a mirror doesn't actually add square footage to your home, but it does create a visual illusion that makes small rooms look bigger and brighter.

If your living room is small with low ceilings, our specialists can customize a large mirror with a frame that matches your fireplace mantle or flooring. When they mount it on your wall, it will blend in with the rest of your room while creating the illusion of depth behind the wall. If you have a small kitchen, Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte may install a mirrored backsplash that appears to extend your counter space.

Brighten Dark Rooms

At Glass Doctor of Port Charlotte, we want every homeowner to take full advantage of the Sunshine State's scenic beauty and free natural resources. Sunlight is obviously abundant here, but some rooms may not get as much sunlight as others, and your furniture or architecture may create dark spots. Angled mirrors make it easy to spread sunlight into additional spaces.

Of course, mirrors also increase the impact of artificial light sources. Mount mirrors behind wall-mounted light fixtures to brighten windowless rooms, and position mirrors below or behind lamps to create a slightly brighter ambience at night. Using mirrors instead of extra artificial lighting will help you save on electricity and enjoy a softer, more personalized space.

Accentuate Your Artwork and Decor

When you add custom mirrors and mirrored shelves to your home, your favorite belongings also get an upgrade. Mirrored shelves and wall-mounted mirrors increase the visibility of your artwork and decor, allowing you to enjoy them from more parts of the house or show off details that would normally face the wall.

Custom mirrors also breathe new life into existing artwork, decor, and furniture by bringing out certain details. Add custom options, such as a vintage-style distressed finish or a carved wooden frame, to match your other framed pieces or complement the style of your home and furniture.

Create Custom Mirrors Today

Our specialists want to help you create your ideal living space. We will pay attention to every detail and make sure you get exactly what you want from your custom mirrors. So give us a call or fill out an online request form.