Custom Mirrors

Whether you've only begun to decorate your home or want to reinvigorate an old room's design, mirrors are a great addition to any space. Glass Doctor® of Pensacola crafts custom mirrors for your home or office. We will match designs to your personality, tastes and building architecture.

The Advantages of Custom Mirrors

Mirrors don't merely add beauty to space; they add function. With the correct placement, mirrors will go beyond allowing you to check your image; mirrors can enhance everything from comfort to aesthetics. The Glass Doctor of Pensacola design team will work with you to create the ideal solution for your needs, our team cuts and installs the glass to your specifications. Consider what you want your mirrors to accomplish in a space, then contact our team to investigate creating your custom piece.

Expand Small Spaces

Mirrors work miracles in small, cramped spaces. If a mirror is placed strategically, it will create the illusion of depth. Our specialists will position your mirrors to reflect walls or ceiling for the greatest effect. To achieve this design advantage, we recommend mirrored walls in hallways and mirrored backsplashes in kitchens.

Highlight Top Features

If you want to draw eyes to a particular piece of artwork or a set collectibles, mirrors are a good option. A hanging mirror on the opposite wall can be framed and finished to complement your possessions. For smaller items, like sculptures and antiques, consider mirrored shelves to provide a view of objects from every angle.

Add Light to Your Home

Custom mirrors work wonders in dark corners, illuminating spaces without the need for another lamp or window. Placing mirrors near a window or artificial light source will improve the light levels in any room. Mounted mirrors, in particular, are perfect for bedrooms as well as any area of the home where you work. Our specialists will advise you on the right type of mirrors for this purpose.

Mirrors as Art

If you are looking to add visual interest to your walls, look no further than a custom mirror. When you choose to work with Glass Doctor of Pensacola, you will be able to pick the edge and tint of your piece, so the mirror will be designed to fit your tastes. Create a statement mirror by designing a piece to hang above the fireplace or a headboard. To check your appearance before you go out, consider a full-length mirror in the bedroom or hallway.

Leave store-bought mirrors behind and gain a solution designed for your home with custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of Pensacola. Contact us for a free in-home consultation to determine the optimal solution for your needs.